882 International Airline Services Celebrates with Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

As lead by Ms. Marites Dela Rosa, members from Finance, Human Resources, Administration and Accounting Department of Air France Asia International Airline Services gathered to commend the birth of Christ by celebrating a small yet valuable party with the chosen participants from Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City. With the assistance of U! Happy Events, almost 30 children from the Pedia Ward of QMMC were called to be the beneficiaries of our dear sponsor’s celebration.

From infants to toddlers, our lovely younglings forgot that they were suffering from any disease or health complications. It was a day dedicated for them to experience nothing but pure bliss and pleasure from what was in store for them!

To get to know our sponsor ates and kuyas, an introduction was presented by telling their names and their favorite Christmas character with a short dance showdown from them.

Kuya Harvard from U! Happy Events lead the games for today’s activity. There was Pass The Ball with A Twist, where the one who held the ball that was passed around, stood up when the music stopped and did a pose imitating the character given. Show Me Your Face, where everyone showed how it looked like when you’re left alone, constipated, and the feeling when Christmas is just around the corner.

As promised, kids were entertained by kuya Ronnie with his magical tricks! He tossed a piece of cloth in the air which produced more colorful pieces. He multiplied a single candle into 5 more. Ate Braine, one of the sponsors, also volunteered to help kuya Ronnie with his magic show by assisting him in cutting what seemed to be an endless rope. And there’s more! A 20-minute laser show awed everyone watching, even the nurses and doctors standing by. The children even tried to catch the dancing lights with their tiny hands.

Better late than never! Lunch was served after the show—Jollibee Chicken Joy and Spaghetti that every kid loved. After taking their meals, our sponsor ate and kuyas gave away loot bags containing apples, oranges and cookies to our participant-kids and their parents.

The party may have already ended, but the happy memory stored in these children’s hearts with definitely be with them forever. Thanks to our ates and kuyas from Air France Asia International Airline Services, a merrier Christmas was celebrated by the kids and even in a short span of time, they felt fully recovered and complete.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events