757 IBM Shared Services Celebrates with Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Written by Secretary, Ate Ren dela Cruz

It is always a blessing for us to organize events initiated by companies and corporations–it’s an awesome implication that the people in the company cares for more than just its own interest, as well as strives to uplift others especially those in need. Last Saturday, our ates and kuyas from IBM Shared Services did just that by visiting the energetic children under Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid (2KK) in GK Escopa, Quezon City.

It was a jam-packed day which started by getting to know and grouping ourselves with the kids and volunteers. We quickly got started by giving questions that the volunteers and the 27 kids of 2KK can ask one another. To establish rapport between groups, kuya Harvard and the core team demonstrated a unique game we recently introduced to our U! Happy volunteers: our customized version of Tic Tac Toe. The game takes some time to explain, but it is always well worth it seeing everyone play with such excitement and passion to get to the finals!

Next up was a fun story-telling session with resident storyteller, ate Djolly. She read a Tagalog tale with moral lessons to the kids, while interacting with them and getting them to participate by asking questions and teaching them actions related to each sequence in the story. The kids and volunteers happily obliged, and enjoyed the story-telling session evident in their smiles. After story-telling was a quick art activity: in light of the recently concluded national elections, kuya Harvard asked the children to draw and cut objects that represented what “Kinabukasan” (their future) meant to them. We handed out art materials, and I was personally touched by the amazing thoughts the children had of the future. There were drawings of a clean environment, a non-smoking sign, and of a kid wearing a toga. The images reflected the hopes and dreams the children had, which they could attain with the help of people concerned for their welfare.

Lunch followed after the activity, and we distributed school supplies as well for the kids to enjoy, especially relevant as they start the new school year. It was such a heartwarming, inspiring day I am sure our ates and kuyas at IBM Shared Services will definitely remember. We capped off the event with a group photo, and warm hugs across the room.

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