360 HSBC’s Puppy Love with Tahanan Sta. Luisa

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was the second tie up with bank giant and sponsor, HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation or more known as HSBC. Their commitment is at least 6 events this year all the way to December. The format of the events are more distinct than our usual offering. The goal is to entice its employees to participate in more outreach programs.

It was our first time to partner with beneficiary Tahanan Sta. Luisa. They are currently one of the groups HSBC supports as well. Their center is a crisis intervention and recovery center for the rehabilitation of abused and prostituted street girls. They run one of only three residential centers within Metro Manila which focus specifically on the admission of pre-adolescent and adolescent street girls – one of the most vulnerable and marginalized demographic groups in the Philippines. To protect the girls, we blurred their eyes in the photos.

The morning started with volunteers partnered to the teens for getting to know activity. After a few minutes, we did a unique and relevant art workshop, dog bow tie making. Pairs took the time to design their own masterpiece which will be part of the dog’s over all look later on.

Our partner for the dogs is the Philippine Canine Club. Its primary goal is awareness on responsible pet ownership particularly the need for yearly anti-rabies vaccination. Since they had 7 dogs with them, we got to partner 2 pairs for one. Interaction started quickly amongst the volunteers as they were actual pet owners. The teens on the other hand took their time to get comfortable.

Host Kuya Dextry joined me next for dog handling activity. After getting the dogs dressed up, we got the groups to attempt a “catwalk” on stage. We even got judges to rate their ability to walk the dogs and get them to be still for a photo at the end.

We gave everyone 15 minutes of free time then got them settled for an early lunch. After that, we got some of the teens to perform a dance number to the song of Wherever I Go by Miley Cyrus.

The morning encounter ended with school supplies and hugs from each other. It was one U! Happy Event. :)

On the other side, we got one of our core team members, Kuya Romward a Happy Birthday greeting as he was celebrating his day with us.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events