386 HSBC’s Kite Flying with Concern Marikina

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was HSBC’s fourth event with us last Saturday. Our team continues to look for companies to partner with us in creating events that will pave way for support and values for marginalized children. We believe that they need more opportunities like these for a well rounded future.

Kite flying with us always involves creating it too. Here we instil discipline, listening skills and creativity. The children also learn that happiness is more realized with helping each other. We got to partner HSBC employees with community kids from Balubad Settlement in Marikina. Our long-time partner beneficiary, Concern is the one handling them.

The morning started quiet. Everyone got more comfortable when we got pairs to introduce themselves through sets of questions- name, favorite game and color. It got even better with our game, Body Works. Here, pairs had to navigate their way into placing different parts of their body to their partner’s. A few survivors made it all the way to the 10th straight command.

Kuya Danny Gayagoy, our artist is a 40 year veteran when it comes to kite. He started when he was only 11. He was really fit not just to teach but also to inspire kids and volunteers alike. We emphasized that passion for something is one value we should all thrive to have. He patiently went from one pair to another assisting them on specifics of kite making.

After an hour of putting together each pair’s masterpiece, we walked a short distance to the amphitheatre. It was a big open space near the Marikina River. It was a perfect site to fly.
With smiles still in tow, we got everyone back for a well deserved kite inspired bento lunches. We also distributed school supplies for the children.

Thank you HSBC! We look forward for more happy events with U! 🙂

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