343 HSBC’s Be A Hero with Mano Amiga

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was the first of a series of events sponsored by international bank, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC. Our team is overwhelmed with new companies entrusting us to handle their outreach or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events. There has been a steady increase of companies who sponsor every year.

We did Be A Hero for the second time. The first one was held last May 17 this year at CCF Makati. The unique concept of enabling kids to activate heroism got HSBC interested they wanted a repeat.

Thirty kids from partner Mano Amiga was partnered with HSBC employees and our volunteers at their cafeteria. We started the morning with getting to know as we group everyone into teams of 5. Hero games designed for the mind and heart followed. For mind, we had “Spell A Hero” which illustrated hero icon we should look up to. In this game, kids had to spell the answers through their bodies. One letter per person. For heart, the teams acted through “Paint A Hero”. The scenario, Superhero Saving the World had to be shown with much emotion and creativity.

To be a hero the next step is training the body. It also symbolizes the willingness to do something. Here we got a dance champion to do an aerobic workshop. Kids and volunteers got themselves moving through 4 upbeat songs we prepared.

To cap of the whole experience of heroism, our last stop was costume making. Any hero who is ready will get an outfit next. We got colored shirts prepared for designing by the kids with the help of their Kuyas and Ates. Kuya Robby gave a series of ideas and symbolism to guide everyone. The photos you see depicts originality and teamwork.

We got kids arranged to a Philippine flag to show that they are heroes of our country. As young as they are, we as volunteers have a responsibility to mold them as heroes. We want to continue to inspire them to be great and be a man for others.

What a fulfilling morning! The day ended with a scrumptious lunch for everyone. Thank you HSBC for making this one super! :)

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