444 HSBC’s Acting Workshop with Mano Amiga

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

As the late President of South Africa, anti-apartheid revolutionist and philantropist, Nelson Madela, put might into words, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Like the great Mandela, such mission was accomplished in extending caring hands of U! Happy Events and our primmest sponsor HSBC to the kids from Mano Amiga to provide education and development services addressing the needs of the Filipino community that would empower each family to transform lives and break out from poverty.

In view of this main goal, tiny stepping stones were formed for the charity move in order to guide these kids to better lives.

To start it off, the volunteers introduced themselves to the kids. Then they were divided into groups together with the kid participants. Small circles were formed to make their own buddy system and got to know each other by asking personal questions and sharing something about them.

After a few minutes, an exercise was done guided by ate Mica Pineda for the Acting Workshop. Kids and volunteers tried to express the emotions as told by ate Mica which also helped them to get more comfortable and to expand their skills and imaginations.

To add more fun and excitement, a hoola hoop game was played to hype up the kids and and warm them up on the next activities.

Game and Learning Time! The kids were asked to play by groups without them knowing that they were not just mere fun exercises but also educational ones.

The Mound Game. A group was tasked to build a structure made out their own bodies. Then another group formed into a worm-like shape which will pass through the house-build-form of the other groups. With this game, they learned team coordination, following instruction and leadership.

Mirror Mirror. The game was done by pairs. The task was just to imitate the actions and facial expressions of your partner. After the first partner leads the game, the second partner in turn leads. What to learn from this? Simple value of leading and following.

Energy Ball. Imagination is the limit! The kids and volunteers passed on and tossed around a giant “invisible” energy ball and act upon the instruction as told. Heavy, light, sticky, rough, big or small. The kids really had such creative minds!

And of course, Dancing Lessons! Who could say no to that? Our fellow volunteers from HSBC conducted a small dancing sesh with the kids to wiggle those hips and shake heads and hands.

To reboot the great amount of energy thrown for today’s exercises, the kids and ates and kuyas had snacks at the cafeteria where more chit chatting happened.

To cap the day off, the kids were provided school kits which they can surely use for studying. A loot full of educational weapons they can use to pursue their dreams and make the change not only in their lives, but that of the world.

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