176 Shell Celebrates with Hospicio de San Jose

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Shell Philippines was supposed to have an event with us late July at The Mind Museum. Due to heavy rains and floods brought by Habagat, they decided to shift the funds to their employees instead.

We were glad to get a call early last week on their plans to pursue another event with us. To our surprise, they requested to reach out with seniors. Their Organizer, Michelle said that kids get a lot of attention already this Christmas. They also had a desire to have an event with Lolos and Lolas.

It was our first time to organize one like this. As we started the event, they requested that they be addressed as Titos and Titas. By all means we agreed. Comparing them to kids that we have been accustomed to, our Titos and Titas were far more interactive. They had lots of stories to tell and they love to sing! They were also more grateful. They just kept thanking our group and our sponsor for taking time to be with them.

We prepared interactive games for them. One game was called heads and tails. We lined up 3 teams composed of our volunteers and their partnered Tito or Tita. Each team had to hold each others hand and design a signal for heads and tails. With this, we assigned an item at the back table at the end of the teams’ line. They had to grab the right one depending on what Kuya Harvard flips. The crayon was the head, the Christmas ball was the tail. It was a close fight and everyone had a great time.

We also had Christmas card making which was a good way to build more interaction and learning among the participants. At the end, we had lots of singing. Shell volunteers performed first followed by some of the energetic Tito and Titas.

Maybe we could do this again soon. What do you guys think? :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events