33 Ang Gusto Ko Ngayong Pasko Workshops with Backstreet Kids

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

Here are some pictures of our event yesterday with 185 Kids of Back Street Kids or BSK in Mandaluyong. They have been working hard especially our “actors” who are in it for 7 weeks of practice already. Most of the pool of Kids prepared their 1st of 2 week Arts Day for their Exhibit during “the day”- December 13 2pm at St. Paul University Quezon City’s James B. Reuter Theatre (in between Aurora and 3rd Street in New Manila)

We call on your Heart again as we do our Best to Bless these great Kids. Your support through supporting our Ticket will make that a Reality! There are 5 reasons why U! should buy a “PASS” for Kids.

1. It’s Christmas- the season for giving! =)
2. It’s your Gift to the Kids. It’s Php 500- but that can go along way for them. It supports their Talent and future Education.
3. This dream project is a 10 week program. Together with our very hardworking volunteers, they have been dedicated in making this event great!
4. U! will see them smile. Its one of the best feel ever. We have 4 exciting toys as part of the Musical- Pong Pagong, Super Inggo, Captain Barbel and Darna.
5. They’re Kids- they need U!

We hope that this POST creates a response from U! =) Somehow we are blessed… for a ticket contribution, U! can pass a blessing and create a better life for these Kids. They deserve it…

This event has 2 purposes. One is to develop their talent through Ang Gusto Ko Ngayong Pasko- Musical and Arts. We believe that development of Talent is one of their future greatest assets. Two is their access to better Education through your Ticket contribution. Our partner, Christ Commission Fellowship will make sure that funds directed to this and this only.

We invite U! once more. Please respond to this post. Support our play for these Kids! December 13 2pm. If U! want a sneak pick of them- U! can go to our final workshop 8 and Arts Day 2 on December 6 a Nueve de Pebrero Elementary School at the back of Toyota Shaw 10am.

Promo on Tickets! For every person that buys 5 Tickets, get 2 FREE. We wish to fast track selling now and fill up the 600 capacity theatre soon. The Musical & Arts is near. Thank U! For details, please get in touch at 09188884278! God Bless U! =)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events