749 Guildhouse’s Boardgames & Film Showing with Gentle Hands

Friday, May 6, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

It was a fun summer afternoon as we welcomed the children of Gentle Hands at GuildHouse Cafe. Ate Nica Abucayan has been volunteering and has sponsored some of our events before and this time she created another event with us at her newly opened cafe. GuildHouse Cafe is an unconventional coffee shop where customers get to play different kinds of board games while they enjoy GuildHouse Cafe’s famous milkshakes and coffee.

Our partnership with Gentle Hands started in 2014 and since then we’ve had 17 events with them. We have done different kinds of workshops like baking, dance, arts, balloon twisting, and others.

As children of Gentle Hands arrived at GuildHouse Cafe they were immediately drawn to the shelf full of board games. They excitedly checked out the different kinds of games and were happy when they found one they were familiar with. They were also eager to try playing the new games that Ate Nika prepared for them. The kids were divided into three groups.

Ate Ncka prepared games for each of the groups. There was the crocodile game and Jenga. The kids were taking turns pressing the teeth of the crocodile and it would randomly close its mouth on their hands. The kids were excited as they tried to pull out their hands as fast as they could when the crocodile would “bite” down. The other half of the group played the Jenga where they took turns pulling out colored blocks carefully as the tower had to remain upright.

The second group played the Line Up 4 as players had to form a straight line with the same color disks of 4. The other half of this group played the Pop and Catch game where the kids would press down on a button and the ball would pop up towards the basket. The last group got to play the Pop Up Pirate and Zombie Dice games. The kids took turns sliding swords into the barrel until they find the spot that would pop the pirate out of the barrel.

After trying out the different games the kids got to draw what they wanted to be when they grow up. We gave out papers with silhouettes and they drew the different professions they wanted to be. They drew teachers, chef, doctors, and others. While drawing Ate Nica played the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 as the kids watched in delight.

The kids were given their afternoon snacks with Guildhouse Cafe’s refreshing iced tea. Afterwards we got to try their famous Squire and Nobleman’s milkshake, which was filled with Nutella and Snickers. It was the perfect drink to the hot summer afternoon. The kids were also given gifts as they hugged and thanked their Ates and Kuyas for preparing a great afternoon for them.

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