168 Groiler’s Caravan to World Vision Schools Day 1

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

Kuya Harvard and World Vision took the challenge of distributing Groiler’s donation of books to multiple schools. Approximately there were 2,400 books to be given away under World Vision. On this day we were able to send it to 4 schools and met different people along the way. The kids we met were very excited to read and go over the more updated and useful books.

The first school was Pasig Central. Unfortunately no photos were taken here. The next one is for Captain H Elementary School in Taguig. We donated Php 60,000 worth of books here last time through Book Value (June 2012). That was around 600 different types of books for different elementary levels.

Next was nearby- Pateros Elementary School. We promised on our event Kids Church goes to Pateros last July 2012 that we will give books. We are glad that we finally did. The last stop was with Tenement Elementary School. Despite being there for the first time, the school gave us a very good reception.

Thank you Groiler for partnering with us in equipping schools with more relevant books for the kids to read! 🙂

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