GoPro Gives Back to Gawad Kalinga Laura, Taguig

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Written by ate Ren dela Cruz, Board Member

This year’s Christmastime came early for the teens of Gawad Kalinga Laura Drive, as our volunteers from well-known company GoPro did their second partnership outreach event with us for the aforementioned beneficiary.

The GoPro ates and kuyas are no strangers to reaching out, and were game to introduce themselves and get to know the friendly preteens and teens of GK Laura. We divided the volunteers and kids into smaller groups to get to bond with one another better, and both sides warmed up to one another in no time. In true U! Happy fashion the joy continued as we did fun games and activities, including Cut it Up, which gave everyone a shot at showing their creativity and alertness upon hearing the instructions on what to create, and the Hula Hoop relay which got the kids and kids at heart moving and energized.

With all the fun and laughter, one other thing strengthened the bond of everyone – mealtime! GoPro volunteers and kids got even more time to chat with one another as they ate and recapped all the things that commenced in the event.

The day ended with a fun group photo that encapsulated the spirit of joy and giving in everyone’s hearts. For a second time, our friends at GoPro gave back their blessings to those who needed it most. Thank you to our ates and kuyas and their generous company!

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