867 Go Pro Celebrates with Ospital ng Makati

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

We are in the middle of the busiest time of the year as more Christmas events are being celebrated. Today was the outreach event of GoPro Philippines, which started operations in the country in May of this year. With the spirit of sharing this holiday, GoPro is doing its own campaign 12 Days of Cause. GoPro employees all over the world are devoting a part of their time to help out communities. Our event today was one of the outreach activities they have planned. As their Philippine office is located in Taguig, they wanted to spend their day with the children of Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK). Located in Pembo, Makati City, Osmak is once of the nicest public hospitals in the country. We have spent the last couple of years visiting the hospital and painted all the rooms at the Pedia ward, which we finished in August of this year. Even if there’s no more walls left to paint we still enjoy visiting the hospital and spending our time with the children. Today’s children were mostly sick with dengue and pneumonia but despite that they waited eagerly for the event to start. There were supposed to be more kids participating in our activity for the day but fortunately a lot of them got discharged yesterday.

Ate Elaine and the rest of the GoPro team arrived early at the hospital and got to talk to some of the parents before the event started. We first introduced the volunteers to the kids. They shared what they wanted to receive for the holiday and what food they liked eating during the holiday season. Most of them said they wanted to be able to spend more time with their families and of course they wanted to receive lots of love this holiday season. They liked eating the usual Christmas favorites like lechon, ham, and friend chicken. After getting to know the volunteers we grouped them into four and they each picked several children to be part of their groups. They also got to know the children’s and parents’ names, age, and what they wanted to receive this Christmas. We then asked them to come up with a group name. The groups were Pak Ganern, which is a usual favorite, Braveheart, Batibot, and Smiley.

Now that they groups are acquainted with each other it was time to play the games. Our first game was Puzzles. We gave out puzzles to each team and they were to form them as fast as they could. Team Pak Ganern was able to finish the puzzle really fast. Team Smiley finished last, but in their defense, they did get a big puzzle which was twice the size of the other groups’.

The next game was Bring Me Art. Each team were given scissors and colored papers. We would name an item and all the members of the team were to cut the item on the paper and raise it up. The first team with everyone raising the item would get a point. For the trial round Kuya Aaron asked for a jelly bean. Everyone laughed as they weren’t sure what a jelly bean looked like. They made cutouts of what looked like peanuts. For the actual game we asked them to bring us christmas tree, snowman, candy cane, santa hat, bell, and gift. Team Pak Ganern drew a funny christmas tree with only a few branches and Ate Elaine joked that it was Made in China, as one of her teammates was visiting from the China office. Some of the snowman cutouts were also funny as they made the bottom body part wide instead of round and they joked it was a melted snowman. Some candy cane cutouts looked like a foot. Team Braveheart was consistently the fastest as they were the winners of that game.

The next game was Pass the Ball. Each team was given huge beach balls. As we played the music the groups members had to keep passing the ball to the next person. When the music stopped the person holding the ball should stand and dance. The fastest one to stand would get a point. Some of the mothers were really energetic as they danced when it was them who ended up with the ball. It was fun to watch the ates and kuyas trying their best to stand as fast as they could.

As everyone had a fun filled morning it was time to have our lunch. The kids and parents enjoyed their spaghetti and burgers as they got to share food with the volunteers. After our lunch the ates and kuyas from GoPro gave out coloring books and crayons gift packs to the kids. Before we said our goodbyes I asked the kids if they had a great time but it was the ates and kuyas who said “Yes!” shouting even louder than the kids. They said they definitely had a great time and hopefully they can create more events with us. As we had our final group photo, the kids hugged their ates and kuyas and thanked them for the fun filled morning. In the few hours we spent with these children we were able to bring them smiles during the most wonderful time of the year.

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