674 Globe & Huawei Christmas Celebration with Gawad Kalinga Laura

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

We continue to increase our corporate partners every year. Personally, I believe it is one of the major factors in boosting support to children NGOs. They have three components that individual and family sponsors maybe lacking. Companies have more funding, manpower and sustainable power. It is our second event with both Globe and Huawei executives.

There were around 40 of them who came. Around half were Chinese from Huawei partners. It is there Christmas giving back to children together with Globe counterparts. It only took us two weeks to put it together despite the busy season.

It was a packed afternoon literally- we were contained on a smaller venue due to the rain and a number of activities were lined up as well. We started with heavy lunch then proceeded to our customary getting to know. Mesmerizing Magic, Balloon Twisting workshop, Raise the Ball game followed suit. At this point children continue to anticipate what was going to happen next.

More than half of the event budget went to gifts. Globe and Huawei picked Noche Buena Packages (Christmas Ham and Spaghetti Packs), hygiene kits and two Adarna story books for each of the 50 children present. There were gifts for families to share, for personal use and even for friends bonding time.

Before we had our group photo, two groups of children performed for our sponsors and volunteers. The video below gives justice on how much they prepared for this celebration.

We look forward for more corporate partners in the future. If you are reading this and looking to sponsor as well, please do contact us here. Thank you again to Globe and Huawei.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events