624 Globe and Huawei’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati 2 of 2

Friday, November 6, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

On the same day, Globe in partnership with Huawei sent another batch of employees to paint another ward and hallways of Ospital ng Makati. The task at hand in the afternoon is to put color on flowers inside the baby area and carnival treats along the hallway.

Before painting we got everyone acquainted first with one another. I started this off by requesting each volunteer to introduce themselves out loud to the patients and their children. After which I got them joined in by groups by hugging each other.

We had one warm game called In or Out. Depending on the category I mention, groups identify and act accordingly. If the category places them in, they go inside the hula hoop. Out on the other hand requires them to hold the hula hoop by both of their hands. It got really competitive and fun. That was a good jump start to our afternoon.

While we paint, anchor Roanna Jamir from CNN Philippines joined us to cover the event and interview some who participated. I was able to share as well our continuous advocacy to get children more access to be better opportunities.

Towards the end, we gathered everyone again for food sharing and turnover of wheel chairs and other pediatric equipment for the hospital. This was batch 2 of the donations from the morning’s event.

We appreciate each one’s help in putting this event together. Starting from Ospital ng Makati doctors and coordinators, Ate Katreena from Globe who reached out to us and of course the mothers and patients who toiled as well and made everyone’s experience happier.

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