779 Giving is Social Financial Literacy with GK Maria Clara

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Written by Board Member, Kuya Matthew Chua

What to expect when U! Happy Events and Giving is Social collaborate for an event with kids? Expect a venue filled with energetic foreign and local volunteers.

Giving is Social, a Singapore-based movement, came here in the Philippines to do series of projects with U! Happy Events. One of those projects was Financial Literacy with 32 Gawad Kalinga kids, which happened last July 3, 2016 at GK Agri-specialist Village.

The event was started with an orientation then followed by the creation of five (5) groups. When volunteers arrived, they were assigned to different groups to bond with kids. Everyone was instructed to introduce themselves to their group members by supplying the following information: name, nickname, favorite food, and own understanding of “savings”.

A Game we called “Bring Me Art” was introduced. Groups were given scissors and papers to work with. The objective of this game is to produce cut-outs of a particular shape being asked for each round. Members must work together in making sure that everyone on the team complied. Since this is a financial literacy lecture, shapes asked were the following: coin, paper, money, peso sign, Euro sign, piggy bank, and bank. On the 8th round, Kuya Harvard asked for a scene that required collective effort. The scene was economy. This round does not only require cooperation, but also creativity and familiarity. Group 3 was declared the winner.

The second game was a dance portion. Teams needed to follow dance steps and make sure that everyone on the group are really grooving. Song pieces were “Shut Up and Dance” and “Price Tag”. Grup 3 was again, declared the winner

The next game was dubbed as “Change is Coming”. Groups were given a cash registry with play money (both bills and coins). The objective of the game was to let kids understand simple financial mathematics. Group 4 was declared the winner this time. Winners of the first three games were given story books.

The final game was “Piggy Bank”. Groups were given five peso coins totaling to two hundred pesos (200.00) and a piggy bank. The objective of the game was very simple. Groups just need to insert all coins inside the piggy bank. The winning group gets the chance to take home all five piggy banks. Before starting the game, Kuya Harvard gave a simple talk on how savings should be done. This game ended with Group 2 being declared the winner. All five (5) piggy banks were given to kids of Group 2. They now own their very own piggy bank with initial savings worth two hundred pesos (200.00) each.

Lunch was served, profile exchange, and group photo concluded the event. As a conclusion, this event was a big success simply because the message was delivered to kids in a fun yet memorable way. We would like to thank Giving is Social, founded by Jo-e, our former president, for making this event possible.

Giving is Social is a movement that inspires and informs young professionals in Singapore to give sustainably, and connects them with giving opportunities in the region. All this takes place through social and learning events that benefit the selected beneficiaries.

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