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Good Day! Below are list of games U! Happy Events invented or innovated. We use these games to connect with kids and volunteers in all our events. Go ahead and use them to reach out to others too. Happy playing! :)

Game Description Materials
1. Act a Video Move and creatively describe scenarios with your entire team.
2. Act Now Utilize all group members by putting together one scenario and one genre.
Scenarios and Genres
3. Agawan Base Pairs get ribbons from other team and/or steal their base.
Ribbons, Lines
4. Arrange Yourselves Provide categories for kids/volunteers to arrange themselves in one line.
5. Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo Group yourselves. Bahay- volunteers, Baboy-kids. Out if no group. Encourage getting to know.
6. Ball is Stock Group knocks down cups around them using a stocking with a tennis ball inside.
Tennis Balls, Stockings
7. Balloon Power Blow the balloons and use it's air to knock down cups from the table.
Cups, Balloons
8. Banderitas Challenge Group to make the most banderitas (15 triangles per string) in a specified time wins.
Art Papers, Scissors, Paste, Strings
9. Barbecue Cups It's a relay wherein individuals blow one cup at a time in a stringed cup formation. The first group to move it to another side of the table wins
Cups Stringed Together (Depends on participants per group)
10. Bato Bato Pick Challenge a player once. If you win you get their stickers. Volunteer vs kid only.
11. Beach Ball Relay Pair walks around a chair with the beach ball in between them.
Beach Balls, Chairs
12. Blind Egg Toss Kids throws the egg blindfolded, volunteer tries to catch it.
Hard Boiled Egg, Blind Fold
13. Blindfold Rope Game Group tries to create a perfect square blindfolded. One leader from the team heads it.
Blindfolds, Ropes
14. Blow Me Up Members of the team shape balloons together according to the size requested. All balloons has to be blown within the team.
15. Body Works Pair puts together body parts. All commands are connected to the next.
16. Bring Me Art Pairs draws accurately what the game master requests. First to submit gets a point.
Papers, Pens, Categories
17. Caterpilar Relay One at a time the members attach themselves to each other. Alternate volunteer and kid.
18. Cheese Ring Relay Transfer cheese ring using straw only from one end to another.
Straws, Cheese Rings, 4 Bowls
19. Dance Showdown Groups chooses a leader to lead a dance impromptu for 15 seconds. The goal is to be creative, synchronized and relevant.
Danceable Songs
20. Dance Showdown Choose one leader to guide the team on the steps. 15 seconds will be given per team to perform an impromptu dance. most coordinated and creative team wins.
Danceable Music
21. Doctor Quack Quack Group tangles themselves (hands remain connected) as they hold each others' hand. Other group untangles.
22. Dodge Ball Kids throws ball to the opposing teams volunteers. When you get hit by a ball, your out. Fastest to eliminate all wins.
Medium Sized Ball
23. Dragon’s Tail The other team tries to grab the tail of the other team.
24. Dress Me Up First pair runs to the clothes and wears them, takes it off and runs back to the next pair.
Themed Clothes
25. Fax Machine Each team on a single line waits for the lead of every group to start writing at the back of the first person. This is passed on until the last person writes it on paper and submits it to the game host.
26. Feather Fly Group that makes the feather stay up in the air longest wins.
Feathers, Fans
27. Fish Be with U! Alternate volunteer and kid sucks the paper using a straw and transfer it to the other end.
Straw, Papers, 4 Bowls
28. Fit The Team Should be able to fit the entire group in a small mat.
29. Float your Boat Group should be able to float the coke cans in water.
Coke Cans, Tape, Straws
30. Get In Alternate volunteer and kid passes a circled string until the end of the group with hands remain connected.
Circle Strings
31. Golden Spoon Group should transfer as much water from one container to another using a only a spoon.
Spoons, Containers with and without Water
32. High Trivia 1 Volunteer writes, 1 volunteer helps the kids gives as many answers in a category starting with a particular letter.
Papers, Pens, Pool of Letters, Categories
33. Hula Together Group tries to bring down the hula hoop in the ground together using only one finger each.
Hula Hoops
34. In our Out Teams think on their feet and figure out how many people where to be inside (and outside) of the hula hoops. Game host give specific numbers as to how many people inside and out.
Hula Hoops
35. Island Hopping Group should transfer the whole group by using 2 big mats or towels.
Mats or Towels
36. Let It Go Create a finish line 5 meters away from the players. Every person offer to blow the balloon and let them go. They blow again where it lanes. They do this until it reaches the finish line.
Balloons, Masking Tape
37. Luksong Tinik Opposing group sets up 4 sets of hurdles. Other group tries to jump over them for points.
38. Math Trivia The whole team solves a math problem. The answer should represent the number of members that will gather in front. First one with right solution and to gather wins.
39. Memory Game Group is given a chance to see a photo. Host reveals to the group what he/she is looking for.
Photos, Manila Paper, Pens
40. Move Relay Members of each team accomplish 3 stations of moving to win: 5 second dance, hula hoop and a skipping rope.
Hula Hoops, Skip Rope
41. Paint A Picture Group creatively utilizes all members to create a scenario given to them. They have to be in still mode.
42. Paper Clips Group should be able to count each different colored paper clip accurately.
4 Different Colored Paper Clips
43. Pass the Charade Alternate volunteer and kid passes the action from one person to the next.
44. Pass The Dance Dancer will do a dance step in front while the rest of the team is facing the other side. The first group to pass the correct dance at the end of the line, wins.
Dance Steps
45. Patintero Opposing group should be able to pass through the other group's 5 members.
46. Puzzle Game Groups that form the puzzle fastest wins.
U! Puzzles
47. Rain Pair transfers water using a dipper with holes from one point to another.
Dippers, Big Containers with and without Water
48. Raise the Ball Teams assign a number to each participant. As the music plays they pass the ball. The number hosts call stands up and raises the ball. First one to do gets a point.
49. Rapid Fire Group that knocks down the cups first in the table using rubber bands wins.
36 Cups, Rubber Bands
50. Real Dance The team that choreographs the real dance step the closest wins. We will only be choosing songs that have signature steps.
51. Regalo or Bayong Pairs decide to go multiple choice on the trivia given.
Bayongs, Labeled Letters, Categories
52. Replacements Groups tries to copy the photo shown. There will be lookers, runners and builders.
53. Reverse Charades Everyone in the group acts, only one guesses.
54. Reverse Pinoy Henyo Everyone guesses, only 1 says yes, no or maybe.
55. Save The Sea Fan back all the sea creature in a large woven tray(bilao) using paper plates. The team who does this first wins.
Cut Out Sea Creatures
56. Shape it Up Teams creates shapes together, while holding hands.
57. Shoot Me First group tries to shoot all 10 ping pong balls to the cups in the table wins.
36 Cups, Ping Pong Balls
58. Shoot that Ball Groups line up one line while the host gives 3 kinds of orders - pass, exhibition and shoot the ball.
Balloons and Chairs
59. Show Me Your Face All teams come up with the best given expression together.
60. Sing Like U! Mean It Get your team to guess as many songs in one minute while you have a polvoron in your mouth. Sing or hum without mentioning title of the song
Giant Polvoron, List of Popular Songs
61. Snow Ball Alternate Kid/Volunteer transfers balls from one end of the table with flour to the other.
Balls, Flour, Table
62. Soap War 2 Groups beat each other on tug of war. The difference their hands dip in soap and water.
Ropes and Water with Soap
63. Speed Cone As cones are scattered all over the floor, teams race to put up all the cones up or down. Fastest wins.
64. Spell it Out Groups spell out a word using objects around them.
Objects around
65. Squeeze or Tap Team lines up and holds each others hand. The game host whispers to the lead of every group squeeze the hands or tap. The team passes this to each one until it reaches the end of the line. If its squeeze, the last person raises both hands, if tap one hand. The first one to raise with the right answer wins.
66. Starlight Group should be able to form a star without discussing it verbally.
67. Step Up Group relay by utilizing the lease amount of steps. At the end each one will eat something. Pedometer placed in the forehead.
Pedometers, Food
68. Stock Me Up Group that stock the cups in a perfect pyramid wins.
36 Cups
69. Tap Around Teams sits down and form a circle. Game host assigns starting person to stand up and go around the human circle as fast as possible. Starting person taps the person beside him or her until it goes back to the one who started it all.
70. Tic Tac Toe
Its a nice game for a small event. Divide the teams into 2. Each one races to the hula hoop and places their colored paper until they form 3 straight. They can also transfer colored paper ONLY to form 3 straight.
9 Hulla Hoops, Two kinds of colored paper
71. Twist Mark the cups with letters to form different words from the same set of letters. Members of each team transfers cups from one end to another using straws on their mouths. The first team to complete the requested word wins.
Cups, Hard Straws, Categories
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