158 Takbo Breast Friends Year 2 with Tuklasan

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was the second year of this Fun Run in partnership with Soroptomist Ortigas. The kids of Tuklasan are very active boys thats why we opted to invite them the second time around. The 3k run started as soon as the sun rose at around 550AM. Kuya Harvard and Ate Rica facilitated and ran as well with the 10 boys. One of the boys, Ferdie ranked 6th on the 3k category.

Its good to have events like this once in awhile. This serves as a reminder for the kids to remain active- may it be sports, activities, hobbies or the likes. Watch out for our other sports events in the future! :) You can create your own event with us as well. Just click Create Your Own Event.

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U! Happy Events