196 Splash’s Kite Flying with Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Avid volunteer Ate Marianne initiated this Create Your Own Event months back. Kuya Harvard and her took the time to find what event would be interesting for her colleagues and friends in Splash. First we were looking into sports. Then we look into barbecue. We also got to explore field trips. Finally kite flying flew and it turned out to be one of the creative events we’ve had. It was also our first time to try out Bubble Show. We’ve always been comfortable entertaining kids with magic, story telling, puppet shows and even acrobats. It turned out to be interactive and fun to the kids and volunteers. Check out the photos to see what we mean.

We also got to try our own version of capture the dragon’s tail. In fact we dubbed it snake game instead. Each trio consisting of volunteer, student volunteer and kid were paired together. Three teams go around the field and try catching each of the team’s tail located at the back of the last member. It was a riot. We also got photos to prove it.

Thanks to our best talent find Kuya Danny, our kite master, our event did fly. He was so passionate with kites that he took the time to teach each and every trio on how to make and fly kites. Some struggled but he toiled and was very patient all the way through. Kuya Harvard met Kuya Danny in one of our events in UP- Project Light. He was flying his big kite hundreds of feet in the air at the UP Sunken Garden then.

Now that 25 kids from Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid learned kites, we are hoping more kids would fly kites this summer. In the same way, we hope our 50 volunteers would also take the time to each other kids. Thank you to the awesome venue, to an excellent weather and of course to Splash for making this event happen! :) The kids learned something new and got more support for their educational program.

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