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Hope you can take the time to hear from our volunteers their testimonies or stories of why they are passionate about reaching out to kids. Some have been into it for a long time, some discovered the value of it lately. What’s yours? Let us know and we will feature as well. Send us a message at Contact Us. Thank U! for taking time. 🙂

1008 Team Joao (of BoybandPH) Celebrates with 2KK Escopa

Written by: Kuya Richard Yattar, Core Team Member

Who says that celebrities shine only in front of cameras and their fans? Well, Kuya Joao Constancia of Boyband PH proved that wrong. Kuya Joao, together with his avid fans whom he considers family already, made an ordinary day extraordinary.

The very reason why the event was organized was because of Kuya Joao’s Fans Club “Team Joao PH” First Anniversary. They thought of making it extra special by sharing to other people the milestones that they have achieved over the past year. With the efforts of our volunteer Ates and Kuyas (all Kuya Joao’s supporters), they made this special event successful. One of the members even said that they really planned this event especially on choosing their beneficiary. At the end of the day, they decided to go with kids. Who would’ve level to our young generation’s energy – of course those who are young as well.

The event started with introducing each other in each group. They shared their favorites and dreams when they grow up. That exercise just made the bond of our ates and kuyas tighter which helped each team to move comfortably with the activities ahead. It was followed by couple of games. First game was Beach Ball Relay wherein they needed to hold the ball with their partner without touching each other and walked over the obstacle until everyone was done. Obviously, one great team emerged victorious at the end. Second game was a test of accuracy and creativity wherein each group had to copy the pose of the photo being shown. This game we call The Replacements. Most poses were so girly that was why our kiddie boys were so embarrassed to do the pose. Fortunately, everyone was so competitive that they set aside all their shyness and got their gameface on!

Few hours has gone and our kids’ energies needed to be replenished. Good thing our ates and kuyas were to the rescue and served the food! The kids had spaghetti and shanghai for their meryenda. I can’t forget that one kid who shouted “Gusto ko pa!” because he was so hungry (or maybe the food was just that great).

The program was about to end but our Kuya Joao was still nowhere to be seen. He got caught in traffic and got lost on his way. He was apologetic for being late but he really tried his best to arrive the earliest hecould. Luckily, he arrived just in time for gift giving. We ensured that he was able to cover those times that he was not around by giving a very inspiring advice to the kids. Kuya Joao wanted to emphasize to the kids how important education is as we go along on our journey called life.

We are very fortunate to have people who have good heart to our community. We whole-heartedly thank Team Joao PH for valuing the lives of these kids. For them, they love the kids and the whole community just as much they love their ultimate idol Kuya Joao! Cheers to this amazing team and we wish you more years ahead!

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