1045 Fab N Glam Gives Back to Hospicio de San Jose

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Written by: Ate Charmain Tan, Vice President – External

t was a thanksgiving celebration of Ate Grace and Kuya Noel for their compnay Fab N’ Glam Salon located in Makati. It is the company’s 4th year anniversary this year. Business partners and salon personnel joined us for a fun afternoon with the toddlers and pre-schoolers of Hospicio de San Jose. Established in 1810, it is the first social welfare agency in the country and can only be accessible via Ayala Bridge. Located in the center of Pasig River, it provides a home for the orphans, abandoned, and the elderly,

The toddlers were starting to wake up from their afternoon naps when we visited them at the toddler’s ward. They were all so adorable in their pajamas. They were very well behaved as they got dressed and showered. They were very excited to go to the play area and started playing with the balls we brought. The pre-schoolers also came to the toddler’s ward to join our activities.

We welcomed Ate Grace, Kuya Noel, and the rest of their friends as they wore their red and green Christmas shirts and lighted santa hats. The volunteers partnered with a child and were given warm hugs. We played a short game Pass the Ball. Everyone formed a big circle, the volunteers carrying the children. We gave three balls to the groups which they had to pass around as we played the music. When the music stopped the children holding the balls would get prizes. The kids liked the balls so much they tried holding on to it instead of passing. The volunteers had to help them pass the ball along to the next person.

After the game we participated in the storytelling workshop by Ate Dyali. She started with some warm up exercises and the kids sang and danced with their ates and kuyas. They pointed to their eyes, nose, ears, raised their arms and turned around. Ate Dyali then told the story of Estrellita, The Little Wishing Star. It tells the story if an ordinary star who wanted to be a wishing star to make someone happy. His friend Noel was an orphan and wants to be healed from his sickness. Estrellita was able to let Noel see his mother and heal him from his sickness, in the same way that Christ sacrificed himself for us.

We then got to watch another spectacular magic show by Master Koby. Always a crowd favorite, he was able to get the attention of the toddlers and pre-schoolers as he did some cool tricks. Colorful umbrellas and scarves popped out from pouches. He called one of the kids to help him with his tricks. He asked the child to “drink” the milk, the liquid would be gone and then the cup would appear to be full again. There was a cute bunny that came out of a platter and the kids all tried to reach it.

After the activities Ate Grace gave out cute little bags for the kids. Inside were snacks, notebooks and other treats. The kids were so excited they quickly opened and drank the juice inside. They also got to enjoy their spaghetti snacks as they volunteers helped them to eat. As it was getting late it was time for the kids to rest. They watched their Mickey mouse TV show and the volunteers watched with them for a while. We thank Ate Grace for spending their time with the children from Hospicio de San Jose. The kids hugged us as we said our goodbyes.

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