810 Expedia’s Larong Pinoy with Nicanor Garcia Elementary School

Monday, September 19, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Corporate partnership continue to increase through the years and we see U! Happy Events doing more moving forward. We value tie-ups like these because it involves more able groups financially and in volunteer size. Expedia is the worlds largest travel agency and has presence in many countries. Their Philippine presence joined us recently with students of Nicanor Garcia Elementary School.

It was a crowded venue but it was filled with happiness. There were almost a hundred people in the auditorium, fifty of them were kids, chosen by Principal Carigal herself. We were supposed to do more complex Larong Pinoy but our venue didn’t permit. We made other plans.

After getting to know we did a ‘Pak Ganern’ game. Our resident photographer, Kuya Lex shared to me this apparent popular activity among kids. We did a larger version and got about 12-13 people in one group to do it. All the ones who survived were kids. In some groups, the volunteers ‘lost’ just on the first round. Do you know this game?

We did In or Out next using our hula hoops. In recent memory this is one of the games that gets everyone competitive and excited. It also builds rapport and closeness among the participants.

We did magic show next by Kuya Koby. He made it more interactive this time by asking everyone to participate. He even got a kid in front to volunteer and put a mask on him. It’s like another form of ventriloquism. The crowd was in laughter throughout this part of the show.

Dancing was next and we got everyone on their feet. Some of the volunteers felt tired to quickly while the children kept on going. We did two mirror dances and Kuya Japox also did an exhibition to the delight of everybody.

The whole morning was indeed memorable and special. We do hope more companies like Expedia extends their time to do more outreach activities like these to build better communities.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events