526 Esquire’s Fitness Workshop with Gawad Kalinga Laura 4 of 4

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Issa Gayatin

As I was traversing the path towards Gk Laura, I can’t help but be a little downcast because I know it will take a while before I go there again. This is the last of the 4 series of partnership with the Esquire Financial for the year. Esquire has been one of the greatest contributors of GK Laura. If you will look at their previous activities done with U!Happy events, you’ll see that their dedication and service to the foundation are truly remarkable.

We had 70 kids at that time and more than 10 volunteers from Esquire. The weather was hot and humid but every participant was excited to get on with the activities prepared for them that morning. As soon as we got there, the kids were already arranged accordingly.

To start off, we gathered the volunteers and distributed them to each of the team of kids. It was a pretty big crowd as 7 teams were formed. We then asked them to share their names, favorite singer and favorite summer activity to the kids. There were 3 first time volunteers from Esquire and so during the sharing part, I decided to look at how the 3 volunteers were doing, gladly finding that they’re so consumed in interacting with the kids and seemed to be enjoying their first experiences. After sharing and interacting with each other, ate Amy and I decided to call on stage some performers from the crowd, which is one kid and his/her partner ate or Kuya. Immediately one kid raised his hand and his partner Ate didn’t have any choice but to go as well. To make it more fun, we then asked them to sing some lines from their favorite singers. Since the kid got somehow shy to sing, his Ate took the role and sang Ed Sheeran’s famous song , “thinking out loud.” The fun continued as another pair volunteered and danced the new dance hit “Watch Me Nae Nae.”

As I was expecting, it was a blissful morning in GK Laura. How I wish more volunteers will get to experience the kind of excitement we experienced that day. That many people would rather spend their time looking at the fun-filled faces of kids like these than spending their weekends doing nothing at home.

As excitement continues to spur, it was time to introduce Kuya Joshua to do the physical activity. This was Kuya Joshua’s second time to mingle with the GK Laura kids so some of the kids immediately recognized him. He started off with demonstrating warm ups using upbeat music. The kids and volunteers were so game! The bending and jumping were made easy with laughter and nice music. Afterwards, Kuya Joshua executed two games, the pencil and the ball relays. Kuya Joshua’s warm ups pretty much did well because the kids and the volunteers competitively played the games. There was so much shouting and stomping of feet, it seemed the building might collapsed. It brought joy even to people who are just watching nearby.

The games did its toll and got everyone hungry so we decided to take a break. The Esquire group prepared snacks for everyone to enjoy. Afterwards, it’s time to distribute the give aways and educational books for the winners of the games. Before the kids waved goodbyes and hugs to the team, we had our group photo. The imminent smiles revealed the memorable activity transpired awhile ago. Thank you to Esquire Financial for continuously partnering with us in providing support and enjoyment to these kids. We look forward to another series of fun and meaningful activities with you.

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