509 Esquire’s Fitness Workshop with Gawad Kalinga Laura 3 of 4

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Japhet Paragsa

We, at U! Happy, believe in nurturing a child’s over-all development. Thus, we created a wide portfolio of various activities that will surely cater to the different facets of development.

Before we say good bye to summer, came the third installment of our Fitness Workshop with the children of GK Laura. This event was facilitated by our resident fitness instructor Kuya Joshua Berin who kept the energy of the kids high the entire morning. There were a series of routine exercises which the kids can do on their own every morning before head out for the day. The volunteers and GK Laura parents were also there to assist the kids with their routines and to (probably) get their own dose of exercise for the day.

Of course, we have to take it to the next level by bringing out the competitive spirit of the kids through the various games we played. Everyone’s energy was so high you can feel the heat coming off from the bodies around you, proof that we are indeed burning those calories. As you sweat, they say you release endorphins (happy hormones), which was probably the reason why everyone was all smiles even if we pushed their physical strength to the limit.

And as they begin another school year, we hope that through the workshops we did with them, they include fitness in their routine. We strongly believe that fitness positively influences the children’s success in school. That, and of course ensuring that their school needs are catered to. Thanks to our generous sponsor, Esquire, for providing school supplies for the kids. Now these kids are ready to rock SY 2015-2016!

If you’re interested to meet our kids and be part of something great, please visit our website to volunteer and/or provide support to our partner beneficiaries. Thank you and God bless!

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