490 Esquire’s Fitness Workshop with Gawad Kalinga Laura 2 of 4

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

U! Happy Events team went back for the second month in a row for another early fitness workshop with vibrant and energy filled children of Gawad Kalinga Laura. We are set to do 4 events here before we do a monthly run as well at Gawad Kalinga Pinagsama. Both locations are being supported by sponsor, Esquire Financing Inc.

Our fitness guru, Kuya Joshua Berin took the helm to lead 70 children and 20 volunteers for a fun and beneficial activity. Our goal in 4 months is to teach the value of exercising and how it can be effectively change one’s physical and even emotional well being.

Here is what we accomplished that morning. First was a series of Animal Stretching. We challenged everyone to do animals movements from the elephant, kangaroo, tiger, monkey, eagle, frog, penguin and even the bear. This was followed by the actual exercises. First was bounce and jump, tossing balloon, squat drills, back to back with balloon and then lunges. It sounds a lot but it really wasn’t with all the happiness they were having.

No event would be complete without games. Kuya Joshua gave instructions and lead the crowd for one game: snake balloons. The photos says a lot on how competitive it got. It was executed by each member passing the balloon from their backs. The last person in the line then advances to the front until one of them touches the finish line.

We had to ready everyone for lunch. In doing so, static stretching followed. This is essential in making sure each bone and muscle gets relaxed.

We can’t wait for the next fitness activity. Join us for May 30! Send us a message at 0917 8874278 if you can participate with us. Here is the map. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events