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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Issa Gayatin

It was my second time to host an event for Esquire Financing Inc. This time, I met a different group of employees. It was a sunny day in Sucat, Paranaque but we had 20 volunteers who were willing to share their time and to have fun with the 70 kids of GK Laura. Since my usual host partner, Matthew, is not feeling well, Ate Amy helped me officiated the event. This was the biggest group I’ve hosted, by the way. But as I’ve said before, nothing is impossible to a willing heart of a volunteer . It sees opportunities for change and it comforts upon seeing grateful and smiling faces.

I admire Esquire for allowing its employees to experience supporting to charity institutions. It gives people a sense of fulfillment outside work and realizing their value and importance to the lives of other people. Esquire have been supporting charity events for many years and this is the second year of their partnering with U! happy events. Evidently, they’re a blessing to many. Esquire employees were also joined by outside volunteers who wanted to share fun times with kids.

As soon as majority of the volunteers had arrived, we started the event. Just like the usual, we started with the Getting to Know activity so kids and the volunteers will connect to each other. The group was divided into seven groups with three volunteers in each team.

We asked them to share their names, favorite summer food and favorite sport. We also asked them to give a name to their group. After sharing, ate Amy and I figured that majority of the kids and volunteers like Basketball so we called them on stage to show their dance moves. Most of them are shy but still gave in.

The next activity is the highlight of event. We called in Kuya Joshua, a triathlete and a certified Fitness Instructor to teach the participants a physical fitness routine. Everyone participated with a hearty smile on their faces. What made it more appealing is that Kuya Joshua added animal gestures in the routine to make it more interactive for the kids.

After that, we did games. First one is the Tap Game. Kuya Joshua picked a person in each team to be tapped. First team who can tap the assigned person wins. It was a heart racing game yet fun-filled. Shouting and giggling voices were heard within the walls of GK Laura. Truly a fulfilling day! Team 7, GK Swag, won in this game.

Next is the Cone game. Kids were the only ones allowed to play this game. In this game, 20 orange cones were spread in the floor. Some cones were set up and some were set down. There are two teams: First team- those who will set the cones up and Second team- those who will knock them down. The most number of cones will be the winner. In this game, the Second team wins.

Everyone had a blast but got hungry, so we decided to distribute the food prepared by Esquire. Before we eat, we prayed headed by Joy from GK Laura. After eating, the GK Teens performed a hip hop dance number for the volunteers. The teens were very good. Some of them did splits and back jumps. The volunteers had a great time.

After that, the Esquire employees distributed the give aways ( school supplies) for kids. The kids were very grateful and gave the Ate and Kuyas warm hugs and thank yous. Thank to Esquire Financing Inc. For making this event possible. Kudos to your continuous engagement in community services that help promotes learning and social responsibility.

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