405 Esquire’s Christmas with Gawad Kalinga Laura

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Written by Core Team Member, Ren dela Cruz

Last December 6, U! Happy Events and volunteers trooped over once again to visit the kids of Gawad Kalinga Laura, this time for a fun-filled Christmas celebration. This event was once again sponsored by Esquire Financing Inc, who has also previously sponsored a total of 5 art workshops there.

It was a jampacked event as there were a lot of exciting events for the 110 children we invited from the GK community. We invited 40 more from our usual 70 kids. To start the event and get everyone energized, the kids and volunteers danced excitedly to upbeat songs led by yours truly. After everyone got pumped up, the Christmas spirit continued with two Christmas –themed games which we played by grouping the volunteers and kids into 10 teams. The first game was Bring Me Christmas, wherein the groups had to cut out or mold the paper into the shape that Kuya Harvard asked from them. The catch was that everyone in the group had to have his/her own art, and the shapes were Christmas-themed like Christmas tree, Bibingka, and yes, even Lechon. The second game was Christmas Ornament, where the volunteers had to dress up the kids as in a Christmas theme using the art materials that were given to them. Both games had everyone’s creative juices flowing!

After the games, we served lunch which was also the time for the kids and volunteers to bond some more. Next up were three performances from the children, and an encore group dance. To end the excitement on a high note, we took a group picture, and the kids hugged the volunteers goodbye. Esquire Financing Inc also donated pillows as Christmas gifts to the children, truly lighting up the Christmas season.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events