368 Esquire’s Art Workshop with Gawad Kalinga Laura 2 of 5

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

The kids of Bgy. Laura warmed up to us even more on our second trip there. This is the second community we are reaching out to under the sponsorship of Esquire Financing, Inc. We look forward to having 3 more art workshop sessions until November and a Christmas celebration by December.

Before we started the workshop for that day, we got the volunteers and kids comfortable through getting to know and our warm up game. Kuya Harvard led the way for the guide questions and Paint a Picture in the theme of Bible stories. The Bible references were parting of the red sea, Jesus walking in the water, David and Goliath, Noah’s ark and Jesus in the manager. The scene was encouraging as everyone owned the value of being creative.

Next was Kuya Robby on the stage. He introduced a new art activity, Pot Face. Basically it was a unique way of creating a pot for plants. It was colorful with an expression. It had their own designed faces on the pots. The volunteers immediately got in the zone as they assisted multiple kids to finish their work.

Before we ended the morning, we got to sing a Happy Birthday song to Christian. He’s birthday just happened to be on that day. See you on the third one with Bgy. Laura on September 27! :)

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