27 Enchanted Kids with Living Dreams

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Written by Kuya Harvard

Another partnership with Living Dreams Philippines. This was their 5th Annual Enchanted Kingdom event- and the most successful, impact filled at that.

It all started with a very organized registration- 3 team leaders coordinate with 5 group leaders under them. This was ideal given the volume of participants- 150 volunteers and 150 Kids from Asilo and Daan sa Kabataan Foundations. It was a perfect arrangement given that each group leader had their own “call” to what they want to do together.

U! know how EK is. It’s a gauge of bravery or not! =) We saw some “conservative” partnership of Kids and Volunteers going for the Swan. Some groups went for it- the scary Space Shuttle and the crazy Anchor’s Away. Still others went for the really relax rides like the Rialto and the 4D. =) This was really Living the Dream and a Happy Event at the same time.

We gave the teams and their groups all the rides they can on a day of perfect weather and unpopulated kingdom until 1230pm. It was the best time to visit EK! We had lunch with everyone- followed by a short presentation. Each of our organizations showed what we do- our vision and mission for the Kids. This was followed by rallying Volunteers to support the Happy Dream Fund. We raised quite alot here. Thank U!

This was followed by a trio performance of 3 great and known magicians- JB, Ronnie and Oliver. They had their own style- each one giving much entertainment even to the outsiders. Thank U! magicians for sharing your time and talent. U! should have seen Kuya Andres’ dance number! =)

We gave everyone more time to tour the park until 430pm. Half of the delegation were drenched on picture taking time though- blame it on Raging Rapids and Log Jam. There it was- group picture taking. We gathered the Magic in one place. This day was Magical because of the Heart to Serve of the many Volunteers and Organizers. Thank U! as well to our individual sponsors, Krispy Kreme and Snowbear for your donations. Till the next one! Keep that Magic in U! =)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events