684 Empiso Family’s Dance Workshop with Haven for Children

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Written by Secretary, Kuya Glenn Costales

It was only a week before Christmas when the Empiso family decided to spend a very active day with the kids of Haven for Children in Alabang, Muntinlupa. Daddy Cliff, Mommy Michelle and their entire family trooped to the venue along Zapote Road for a lively event with 30 kids (composed of pre-teens to teens) from the center for street children. They were also accompanied by some friends who were just as excited.

After grouping together the volunteers and the participants, the event got started with the usual getting-to-know activity. This allowed everyone to be at ease with one another as they would be competing in some really lively games.

Speaking of these games, first up was the Balloon Relay. This game had the participants pair up with five (5) pairs for each group. They then raced through a zig-zag obstacle while pressing a balloon onto each other’s side. This game sure got everyone’s hearts racing as they raced through the orange-coned-course. One team though eventually dominated the contest winning much coveted story-books for the kids.

The next game again required some high-octane participation from the groups with the Dance Showdown. In this game, songs were simply played which the groups had to dance to. But they had to be creative and organized in coming up with their own steps, choreography and even blocking to win points for their ‘crew.’ In the end, one of the teams came from behind to steal the win for their kids.

With the blood still pumping from the last activity, Kuya Jap took front and center for the day’s dance workshop. Kuya Jap, a professional from Big Shift Studios, guided the entire group through a series of steps and movements. Several 8-counts later, the participants had everything down pat and it all beautifully came together to a monster-performance.

The last activity featured one of U!’s resident story-tellers, Kuya Rich. As always, the kids got into the act by providing some of the sounds, reactions and even movements to truly bring Kuya Rich’s story to life.

The kids then sat down with their groups for a very generous serving of lunch, along with some sweet treats. With all the activities they did, the hearty meal truly couldn’t have come at a better time. Story books were also distributed to the kids during this time as their parting gifts.

A final photo captured the weekend’s sprightly event. The season of giving was greatly evident with the Empiso family and we sincerely thank them for the early Christmas presents to Haven for Children.

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