772 DTI Makati’s Page Muncher with Nicanor Garcia Elementary School

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

As the proverb goes, “A child without education is like a bird without wings”, we at U! Happy Events value the importance of education for the children of the future generation.

Last June 22nd, we went to Nicanor C. Garcia, Sr. Elementary in Makati, in partnership with Principal Carigal, whom Kuya Harvard has known previously when she was with another school. The event was made possible by Ate Elca of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It is part of their Cheers to Wellness Program for 2016. They have done environmental outreach activities previously and this time they wanted to spend it with the children. For today’s activities Principal Carigal handpicked twenty students from the third grade.

We started the day by grouping the children and volunteers into several groups where they had the opportunity to get to know one another. They talked about their favorite food and surprisingly most of the children’s favorites were vegetable dishes like Sinigang and Pinakbet. They never forget to eat their local vegetables like sitaw, kalabasa, sayote, and upo. The volunteers on the other hand liked perennial favorites like pizza and lechon. Most kids wanted to be doctors, teachers, pilots, and policemen when they grow up. The ates and kuyas talked about the kind of work they do for DTI. They come from different offices within the department. One of ates works to promote the products made in the Philippines while another one helps the vendors from the province sell their products.

We played two hula hoop games. The first one was called Hula Together. In this game the groups sat down in a circle. They all held one hula hoop in the center of the circle using only one finger per hand. The teams had to bring down the hula hoop to the ground as fast as they could without everyone’s fingers being separated from the hula hoop.. The game sounds easy if u have a small group, but for a big group with about 10 members each, it was definitely a challenge. The ates and kuyas laughed with the students as the hula hoops were lopsided as some members were faster than the others. One group finally let go of the hula hoop and they all rolled on the floor while laughing so hard.

The second game was the Hula Relay. All four teams formed a straight line and the members held hands. The hula hoop has to go through each member while they remained linked together. It was hilarious as some smaller students would go through the hula hoops two at a time. The ates and kuyas would try to demonstrate to the kids that it had to be one at a time but the adorable kids still went through two at a time. Everyone was laughing and jumping as they tried to finish as fast as they could. In the end one of the teams ended up always being the fastest.

The day wasn’t over yet. The games were followed by the spectacular magic show by Kuya Kobe. He performed tricks like putting out the fire from the candlesticks using his hands, feathers turning into sticks, Coke bottle being cut into half but ended up remaining intact. He also performed his crowd favorite tricks like the doves and rabbits. The students shouted in delight when Kuya Kobe opened a seemingly empty story book and doves flew out from it. They also got excited when rabbits appeared from a platter. Kuya Kobe called a student to join him on the stage and performed the neck slicing trick on him. Kuya Kobe inserted a stick through Rayver’s neck but he remained unharmed. The students laughed as they watched their classmate perform some tricks on stage. To end his performance he called on Janelle to assist him while he showed them his flying table.

After the packed morning it was time for us to have our lunch. We also got to have some leche flan dessert, which is almost everyone’s favorite. The ates and kuyas from DTI gave out school supplies to the kids. We also gave out storybooks to the winning teams for the games earlier.

Principal Carigal thanked everyone for the fun-filled morning. She said she hopes to see us again back to her school. The students hugged and thanked the ates and kuyas for spending their morning with them. The volunteers of DTI had a great experience as some of them said they were going to ask their children to volunteer with us. We thank DTI for making this day possible. It was our first partnership with both DTI and Nicanor C. Garcia, Sr. Elementary and hopefully it would be the start of more partnerships to come.

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