486 Dreamscape’s Magic Workshop with Little Lights Ministry

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

Do you know how to fly? Well, in Peter Pan’s case, all you have to do is sprinkle some pixie dust and think of happy thoughts. And how magical could it be to unravel a child’s mind full of these happy thoughts. Yes, we can think of getting a surprise during our birthday, or the first time we went to a carnival, or seeing our celebrity crush in person! Endless it would be. But in this age, do we still need pixie dust? I don’t think so. Because U! Happy Events and Dreamscape Entertainment (ABS-CBN) had better plans for us. The children of Little Lights in Pasig are set to fly into the summer escapade of Wansapanataym!

And what better way could there be if your plane pilot shall be none other than Coco Martin? So don’t panic and please show your ticket of awesomeness to the flight attendant Julia Montes. Please fasten your seat belts because our flight to Never Land is ready to take off!

First Destination: Summer Snack Shore
The kids of Little Lights had there tummies full of happy food as carts gave unlimited surprises. Fries, ice creams, and snow cones were all over the kids’ faces. The best part? Candy buffet! They sure had their sweet teeth jumping for joy.

Second Destination: Game Island
Of course, activities for kids will never run out of games to play. The fun just gets better because kuya Coco and ate Julia were there to assist as volunteers and play with the kids. They brought the magic of Wansapanataym along with them to share with everyone! These children who only see their celebrity idols on tv, had their dreams fulfilled.

Third Destination: Magical Fortress
A mini kids show was prepared for the Little Lights. There were bubble show of different bubble sizes and shapes; balloon twisting, making a simple balloon into another object or animal; and magic show that surely put sparkles on children’s eyes and smiles. It’s not everyday that you see magic in person, anyway.

After the small show, the kids were also given a magic kit for them to work on. So there they were, little Harry Potters in the making!

Last Destination: Waves of Hugs and Kisses
And so, the volunteers, kuya Coco and ate Julia were all flooded with nonstop hugs and kisses from the kids as they give their sweetest thanks for a wonderful and memorable flight. Of course, smiles and laughters drowned everyone during the picture taking!

Thank you, Dreamscape and to our dear volunteers for a magical journey! It would be now safe to say that the flight indeed brought not only joy to the kids of Little Lights, but they too, ignited the fire in the hearts of the ates and kuyas; that burning passion pushing us to continue sprinkling happiness to the children. ๐Ÿ™‚

Join our next happy flight at: http://uhappyevents.com/upcoming-events/ ๐Ÿ™‚

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