487 Dreamscape’s Magic Workshop with Kuya Center

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

It was another packed Saturday for U! Happy Events as it raced to Kuya Center for one of the bigger gatherings so far this year. The team was buoyed by much excitement knowing what was in store for 80 dynamic kids from the Cubao-based center for street children.

The event was made possible thru the partnership with Dreamscape Entertainment of ABSCBN. Dreamscape is one of the main production units of the Philippine’s leading network creating teleseryes and drama anthologies like ‘Juan Dela Cruz,’ ‘Dyesebel’ and ‘Ikaw Lamang.’ This initiative was part of their campaign to involve their employees, including their stars, in reaching out to the community. In fact, the Kuya Center event was already their 2nd for the day.

The kids were already gathered when the U! Happy team got to the venue. One could really feel the anticipation because the place was set up with such a merry feeling. The team got the kids a bit more organized and soon they were grouped into 10 teams.

It wasn’t long after that when the equally eager members of Dreamscape started to arrive. A number of volunteers likewise came, plus some students, to join the joyous assembly.

The kuyas and ates were grouped with the kids (around 3 to 5 of them per team). After a few minutes to get to know one another, all 10 teams were soon treated to a sugary and sumptuous boost to jumpstart the day’s affairs. Food stalls were positioned at different parts of the venue and the kids excitedly lined up to have a taste of them all. They included French fries, candy bags, snow cones and ‘sorbetes.’ The volunteers and kids were of course served a generous meal (pancit and chicken lollipop) as their primary course.

With everyone full, they settled back in their groups for some more surprise. There didn’t seem to be enough volunteers that day so Dreamscape decided to add 4 more. ABSCBN stars Coco Martin and Julia Montes were introduced to the cheers of everyone. The 2 celebrities were accompanied by child star Alonzo Muhlach and Kapamilya actress Marian Flores. These 4 were headlining the ‘Wansapanataym’ summer series entitled ‘Yamashita Treasures.’

Kuya Coco and Ate Julia then performed a charming song number. Alonzo Muhlach wasn’t to be left out though. After the song, Alonzo took front and center and showed off his own dance moves to the tune of Treasure by Bruno Mars. These people are truly entertainers and the entire group aptly gave them a rousing ovation.

The day wasn’t over for our 4 stars. They gamely joined the groups to participate as kuyas and ates as well. It was then on to some more dazzling performances by U!’s own resident artists.

An amazing bubble show immediately followed. This sure got the kids applauding as the bubbles took on different sizes and shapes. Some of the kids also got to go inside the bubbles to offer another unique experience for them.

Magician Kuya Koby was next up with his impressive acts. He first demonstrated his sleight of hand skills and captivating tricks to get the whole audience pumped up. After that, he proceeded with the Magic Workshop where he taught the kids some tricks they can do on their own. They even had their own deck of cards to practice with when they got home.

With the afternoon winding down, everyone gathered for a final group picture. The kids then lined up to receive their gifts from Dreamscape, at the same time thanking their superb kuyas and ates for spending the day with them.

It was a day that showcased fun activities, good food and also popular personalities. In the end though, the kind hearts and generous support shown by everyone were still what stood out the most. Thank U! to Dreamscape Entertainment for making this event possible. Thank U! to Kuya Center and to all the volunteers who came. This was definitely one of the most memorable events for the U! Happy Team and we hope to see everyone again in our future events.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events