364 Dra. Michelle’s Sing & Dance with Philippine Orthopedic Hospital

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

On our first trip to Philippine Orthopedic Hospital, our team was so blessed to witness children who have mostly broken limbs and arms battling their situation with smiles. That was very encouraging. That also enabled us to give them the best 2 and a half hour encounter we could.

We started late morning with a big welcome by Kuya Harvard. He shouted good morning 3 times to set the happy mood. What followed next was the start of our event theme- Sing and Dance. We invited talents, Soda Sisters to perform 4 pop hits including Titanium and Let It Go to the delight of 52 kids and around 100 others that were either guardians, our volunteers and hospital staff.

It was also our first to try our new game, Sing Like U! Mean It. To play we needed a giant polvoron and a list of popular songs. We divided the teams to guess as many songs in one minute while they have a polvoron in their mouth. They need to just sing or hum without mentioning title of the song. The second team got the big win as they got more involvement from the guardians and kids.

Story telling time followed. Each kid got a random Adarna book. Each volunteer got to share the story for every kid. Each one got to impart their own stories to each other as well. This is one great value we have left behind to the families.

A birthday song and a big chocolate cake followed. Dra. Michelle led the singing for a kid who had his birthday too. Before we left, we requested the volunteers to give their goodbyes and prayers. We are planning to go back here on November 15. Check out our list of events then. 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events