1043 DNO Galastars’s Football Workshop with GK Laura

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Written by: Ate Kristin Ramos, Core Team Member

Over the years, football gained significant popularity in the Philippines. Quite a few football clubs emerged since the sport finally caught the interest of Filipinos.

One of those is DNO Galastars Football Club. The club consists of great group of friends with shared interests in football. Also, they are working together to help promote the sport and teach the youth especially young boys play football. They contacted U! Happy Events to help them fulfill this goal.

The program started off with some amazing magic tricks courtesy of Kuya Koby. Everyone was hooked during his entire performance.

Kuyas and kids were distributed into five groups to get acquainted with each other. They had a short getting-to-know activity and came up with their group names – GKFC, Team Baby Shark, Team Dub, Home Boys and Little Angels.

We transfer to the open ground to proceed with the physical activities. We played speed cone. Cones were scattered all over. Teams of Kuyas versus Kids raced to turn the cones up or down and the kids won eventually. Then, we had the football workshop which was conducted by none other than the Kuyas themselves. They did not just teach the kids to play football but also instilled values such as teamwork and good sportsmanship.

After the kids learned the rules and how to play, it was time to put on their game faces. Warming up for first round was GKFC versus Team Dub. Then, followed by an intense and close game between Home Boys and Team Baby Shark. For the finale, Kuyas and littlest boys from the group had a friendly match. It was such a delight to see these young boys enthusiastically running, passing, and kicking the ball to score.

To refuel everyone’s energy after the games, Kuyas and kids went back to their groups and had a delicious mealtime together.

It was a fun and interactive morning indeed!

Once again, thank U! Kuyas of DNO Galastars Football Club for sharing your passion and skills to the boys from GK Laura. May U! continue to inspire young athletes to reach their full potential. With continuous learning and improvement of these would-be football players, one day our country will qualify for FIFA World Cup.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events