189 DLSU Dasmarinas Celebrates with Philippine General Hospital

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Vizalie Porto contacted Kuya Harvard months back for a Create Your Own Event. She volunteered in our events in the past and because of this she proposed a tie up with her school for this event. It was our first time to partner with a graduate school. It was interesting having volunteers that were mostly teachers.

They purposely chose Philippine General Hospital for their event. That made preparations more efficient for our group. Nevertheless, if you want to make your own event, U! Happy Events can find you kids that fits your profile. Right now we can match you to more than 40 kids organizations.

We had around 20 volunteers, 30 mothers and 30 kids in our visit. We set up three main activities for everyone. We had reverse “pinoy henyo” game to start. Instead of one person guessing, the whole group was and only one was person saying, no, yes and maybe. After that we had finger painting by groups. No brushes, just art with your hands. The kids loved this! Last was story telling. We had one of our bored members, Kuya Benj do a story of a dog named “Putot”.

It was touching moment when Kuya Harvard asked the volunteers to reach out and touch the kids so he can pray for them. All the kids were suffering from different kinds of cancer. We prayed for healing and strength from their families.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events