753 Dance Workshop with SOS Children’s Villages

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

We started the day at 5 in the morning by joining the Summer Fun Run with the children of SOS. After the energizing morning we had a little break and headed to the next event with these children.

This is our ninth event with SOS Children’s Villages Alabang, a partnership that started four years ago. We saw some familiar faces of the children that have now grown up. SOS provides a home for children who could not be raised by their own families. There are currently seven “Mothers” who take care of the children. The children here are given opportunities to have a family – brothers, sisters, and a home. There are other SOS Children’s Villages in other parts of the country, like Bataan and Davao to name a few.

To start our program we first let the volunteers introduce themselves to the kids while they showed off their dance moves. One of the volunteers, Kuya Samy, came all the way from France and was eager to spend the morning with the kids. We had four groups this morning, namely the Pink Panther, Lucky Aces, Rea’s Dancers, and Moonwalk Kids.

We talked about what the children wanted to be when they grow up. Most of them wanted to be teachers, policemen, nurses, and doctors. We talked about their favorite dances and some of the things they like to do on their free time. After getting to know our teammates better we played the Tic Tac Toe game. The groups competed two at a time. One group got corresponding colored towels that they were to put on the checkered marked floor. The group with the most number of straight lines formed within the allotted time wins. In the first contest Group 2 won. They then competed with group 4 who beat group 3 in the second contest. It was Group 2 who was the eventual champion.

We then had our main activity, the Dance Workshop. We invited professional dance coach Kuya Japox of Brewing Point Dance Studio to conduct the workshop. As always Kuya Japox was able to grab the attention and excitement of the children as he showed them the dance moves to Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj’s Beauty and a Beat. Even if the kids joined the fun run at 5 o’clock that morning, their energy did not seem to falter as they eagerly followed Kuya’s Japox’s dance steps. After several rounds of practice the kids got to dance on their own. Kuya Japox picked two children as the best performers for the day. They were chosen not only for their ability to follow the steps well but also for their discipline and good behavior. After dancing their hearts out the kids had their lunch. The children also received our school supplies gift pack. We gave prizes to the two best performers for the day. After the fun filled morning the kids hugged and thanked the ates and kuyas as they said their goodbyes.

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