246 Ate Emcee’s Dance Workshop with Operation Blessing

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Written by the sponsor, Emcee Isidro

I used to think that I would dread the day that I turn 30. Instead of the scaring myself of the change of 1st digit in my age, I thought of doing something significant that will make me look forward to that day. I have considered throwing a party to close friends but after lots of is-this-really-how-I-want-to-welcome-the-new-decade thoughts, I have decided I wanted an outreach celebration with 30 kids to pay forward the 30 blessed years. When organizing the event, the name Operation Blessing drew my attention. Planning with U! Happy Events particularly Kuya Harvard went smoothly.

My friends were surprised that I would have an outreach birthday celebration with kids as they know that I do not really fancy much, truth be told, yet I also felt that this gift isn’t just for the kids but for my friends as well. As I always say when volunteering: you can’t help help yourself when you help others. There is no greater influence I can give to my friends than activities like this.

Days prior to the event, there were news on the upcoming super typhoon so I was quite anxious. On the actual day, one cannot discount the miracle of a very sunshiny day to commence a significant gathering in the name of friendship and charity.

I am not really a person of few words when it comes to retelling stories but my heart is overwhelmed with joy that no amount of words is required (or would suffice) to express how blessed I felt that day to share time (along with my closest friends) with these kids, total strangers to us but with that familiar and contagious laughters and cheers worth reminiscing in the decades to come.

My warmest gratitude to U! Happy Events, Operation Blessing, kids and their families and community and my dear closest friends!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events