261 Cups of Hope: Hospicio de San Jose

Monday, December 2, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

December 2 is another Cup of Hope encouragement. We heard that some of the survivors who don’t have relatives here in Manila were transferred to Hospicio de San Jose in Manila. A handful of volunteers showed up at Ate Jane’s home in Makati to help stamp new sets of cups and of course prepare meals for the families there.

A lady gave us discount and even added more when she asked why we were buying so many vegetables. Another vendor gave us a significant discount when we bought a big container for cooking. From Php 1300, he finally gave it for just Php 850 after telling stories of our trip that day. It was indeed touching to witness this in the market that day.

We were able to feed almost a 100 individuals who are housed temporarily there. Our team served mixed vegetables and cream dory fish. We also provided chocolate pops for the kids, tiki tiki drops for babies and water for everyone else.

After eating we had the privilege to hear stories of hope from the survivors. We also took the time to pray. It was indeed a surreal moment. They were thanking as endless but deep inside we owe them. They were symbols of heroes and a reminder of how we should live our live. We are here to serve and care for one another. Each person that we hugged and prayed for couldn’t help but cry.

They even kept their cups as souvenirs. One of them said, “When I recover, I will do the same”. This man shared that thought in Filipino.

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