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U! Happy Events provides sustainable support and teaches values to marginalized children in the Philippines. We provide a platform for sponsors and volunteers to reach out to beneficiaries through creative and meaningful activities. We organize volunteer events for U! Sponsor your own event below.

Thank U! for partnering with us! To ensure a smooth and successful program flow, U! Happy core team members will be present throughout the event. Core team functions include event coordination, logistics preparation, and other necessary on-the-day assistance.

Please choose from among the U! Happy Events components below what you would like to be applied to your event. For effective management, kindly note there will be a standard initial fee of Php 4,000*.

* Initial fee covers sound system rental, official photographer, program host, materials and prizes for chosen games, post-event article featured in U! Happy website, and transportation / communication / logistics needs of U! Happy Events Core Team.

Thank you for creating an event with children, for payments once confirmed you can deposit through the following banks. U! Happy Events BDO 286-024-9210/ Unionbank 00-157-000-1150 or BPI 9821-0050-83. Your half payment will confirm your event altogether.

Please allow at least two weeks lead time for us to arrange an event for you. For inquiries, please contact us at +63917 5488080 or through our landline (02) 2165332.

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Currently we can connect you to more than 100 different partner beneficiaries. Either you choose from our list or choose below type of kids you would want to reach out and bless. Please indicate as well your preferred location. The beneficiaries we have for U! have better structures as they have existing sustainable programs. The help you extend is part of a bigger picture!
Choose by partner type or location:
Type of Kids
Choose a partner beneficiary:
Community Based
Hospitals/Halfway Houses for Kids with Cancer & related Illnesses
Choose a location:
Location Preferred:
Choose number of kids:
Age Range Preferred:
Food and Drink Budget:
The price difference simply means portions. Higher the price package, more serving.
Budget 1 - Php 110
Budget 2 - Php 130
Others Preferred
How many of your volunteers/friends will join?
Total Food Budget:
Below are list of games we have played in the past events. All games involved all volunteers and kids. Please choose 2 to 3 only. Our team will be running these games for you. Please hover on the game (click, for mobile device) for the mechanics.
Game Mechanics
Move and creatively describe scenarios with your entire team.
Utilize all group members by putting together one scenario and one genre.
Pairs get ribbons from other team and/or steal their base.
Provide categories for kids/volunteers to arrange themselves in one line.
Group yourselves. Bahay- volunteers, Baboy-kids. Out if no group. Encourage getting to know.
Group knocks down cups around them using a stocking with a tennis ball inside.
Blow the balloons and use it's air to knock down cups from the table.
Group to make the most banderitas (15 triangles per string) in a specified time wins.
It's a relay wherein individuals blow one cup at a time in a stringed cup formation. The first group to move it to another side of the table wins
Challenge a player once. If you win you get their stickers. Volunteer vs kid only.
Pair walks around a chair with the beach ball in between them.
Kids throws the egg blindfolded, volunteer tries to catch it.
Group tries to create a perfect square blindfolded. One leader from the team heads it.
Members of the team shape balloons together according to the size requested. All balloons has to be blown within the team.
Pair puts together body parts. All commands are connected to the next.
Pairs draws accurately what the game master requests. First to submit gets a point.
One at a time the members attach themselves to each other. Alternate volunteer and kid.
Transfer cheese ring using straw only from one end to another.
Group guesses the Christmas trivia from A-Z. Learn more about Christmas.
Groups chooses a leader to lead a dance impromptu for 15 seconds. The goal is to be creative, synchronized and relevant.
Choose one leader to guide the team on the steps. 15 seconds will be given per team to perform an impromptu dance. most coordinated and creative team wins.
Group tangles themselves (hands remain connected) as they hold each others' hand. Other group untangles.
Kids throws ball to the opposing teams volunteers. When you get hit by a ball, your out. Fastest to eliminate all wins.
The other team tries to grab the tail of the other team.
First pair runs to the clothes and wears them, takes it off and runs back to the next pair.
First pair attaches a raw pasta to the coke lid and tries to reach the other end.
Each team on a single line waits for the lead of every group to start writing at the back of the first person. This is passed on until the last person writes it on paper and submits it to the game host.
Group that makes the feather stay up in the air longest wins.
Alternate volunteer and kid sucks the paper using a straw and transfer it to the other end.
Should be able to fit the entire group in a small mat.
Group should be able to float the coke cans in water.
Alternate volunteer and kid passes a circled string until the end of the group with hands remain connected.
Group should transfer as much water from one container to another using a only a spoon.
1 Volunteer writes, 1 volunteer helps the kids gives as many answers in a category starting with a particular letter.
Group tries to bring down the hula hoop in the ground together using only one finger each.
Teams think on their feet and figure out how many people where to be inside (and outside) of the hula hoops. Game host give specific numbers as to how many people inside and out.
Group should transfer the whole group by using 2 big mats or towels.
2 representatives vie for score while the rest vie for subjective judging for overall points.
Create a finish line 5 meters away from the players. Every person offer to blow the balloon and let them go. They blow again where it lanes. They do this until it reaches the finish line.
Opposing group sets up 4 sets of hurdles. Other group tries to jump over them for points.
The whole team solves a math problem. The answer should represent the number of members that will gather in front. First one with right solution and to gather wins.
Group is given a chance to see a photo. Host reveals to the group what he/she is looking for.
Members of each team accomplish 3 stations of moving to win: 5 second dance, hula hoop and a skipping rope.
Group creatively utilizes all members to create a scenario given to them. They have to be in still mode.
Group should be able to count each different colored paper clip accurately.
Alternate volunteer and kid passes the action from one person to the next.
Dancer will do a dance step in front while the rest of the team is facing the other side. The first group to pass the correct dance at the end of the line, wins.
Opposing group should be able to pass through the other group's 5 members.
Groups that form the puzzle fastest wins.
Pair transfers water using a dipper with holes from one point to another.
Teams assign a number to each participant. As the music plays they pass the ball. The number hosts call stands up and raises the ball. First one to do gets a point.
Group that knocks down the cups first in the table using rubber bands wins.
The team that choreographs the real dance step the closest wins. We will only be choosing songs that have signature steps.
Pairs decide to go multiple choice on the trivia given.
Groups tries to copy the photo shown. There will be lookers, runners and builders.
Everyone in the group acts, only one guesses.
Everyone guesses, only 1 says yes, no or maybe.
Fan back all the sea creature in a large woven tray(bilao) using paper plates. The team who does this first wins.
Teams creates shapes together, while holding hands.
First group tries to shoot all 10 ping pong balls to the cups in the table wins.
Groups line up one line while the host gives 3 kinds of orders - pass, exhibition and shoot the ball.
All teams come up with the best given expression together.
Get your team to guess as many songs in one minute while you have a polvoron in your mouth. Sing or hum without mentioning title of the song
Alternate Kid/Volunteer transfers balls from one end of the table with flour to the other.
2 Groups beat each other on tug of war. The difference their hands dip in soap and water.
As cones are scattered all over the floor, teams race to put up all the cones up or down. Fastest wins.
Spell Color
Groups spell out a word using objects around them.
Team lines up and holds each others hand. The game host whispers to the lead of every group squeeze the hands or tap. The team passes this to each one until it reaches the end of the line. If its squeeze, the last person raises both hands, if tap one hand. The first one to raise with the right answer wins.
Group should be able to form a star without discussing it verbally.
Group relay by utilizing the lease amount of steps. At the end each one will eat something. Pedometer placed in the forehead.
Group that stock the cups in a perfect pyramid wins.
Teams sits down and form a circle. Game host assigns starting person to stand up and go around the human circle as fast as possible. Starting person taps the person beside him or her until it goes back to the one who started it all.
Its a nice game for a small event. Divide the teams into 2. Each one races to the hula hoop and places their colored paper until they form 3 straight. They can also transfer colored paper ONLY to form 3 straight.
Mark the cups with letters to form different words from the same set of letters. Members of each team transfers cups from one end to another using straws on their mouths. The first team to complete the requested word wins.
Opposing group eliminates each opposing member of the other group by making a hole in their paper using water guns.
Our group believes in equipping kids also on certain skills and interest. The workshops are available on basic and intermediate depending on the beneficiary. The rates include professional fee and all materials needed. Please choose only 1 workshop.
Acting 3,500 Gameboards 4,500
Accessory Making 3,500 Film Showing 5,200
Arts and Crafts 3,500 Fitness Day 3,500
Badminton 5,500 Ice Skating 4,200
Baking 4,500 Kite Making & Flying 4,200
Ballet Workshop 3,000 Muay Thai 3,500
Balloon Twisting 3,500 Magic Workshop 5,200
Basketball 3,500 Mural 6,000
Beat Box 5,200 Origami 3,500
Belly Dancing 3,500 Pinoy Games 3,200
Bowling 4,200 Poi Workshop 4,500
Boxing & Self Defense 3,500 Running 3,500
Catechism 2,000 Science Lab 8,000
Children's Fair 8,500 Singing 3,500
Community Clean Up 3,500 Social Media Talk 3,000
Computer & Internet 3,500 Story Telling 3,500
Cooking 5,500 Taekwondo 3,500
Dance 3,500 Zumba 3,500
Dental Mission 8,000  
Financial Literacy 3,500  
Face Painting 5,200  
Futkal (Street Soccer) 4,200  
Acting3,500 3,500 Film Showing 5,200
Accessory Making 3,500 Fitness Day 3,500
Arts and Crafts 3,500 Ice Skating 4,200
Baking 4,500 Kite Making & Flying 4,200
Basketball 3,500 Muay Thai 3,500
Beat Box 5,200 Magic Workshop 6,000
Bowling 4,200 Mural 6,000
Boxing & Self Defense 3,500 Origami 3,500
Community Clean Up 3,500 Pinoy Games 3,200
Computer & Internet 3,500 Poi Workshop 4,500
Cooking 5,500 Running 3,500
Dance 3,500 Singing 3,500
Face Painting 5,200 Story Telling 3,500
Financial Literacy 3,500 Taekwondo 3,500
Futkal (Street Soccer) 4,200 Zumba 3,500
Total Workshop Cost:
Our group has developed tie-ups with entertainers after years of doing events. We aim provide them also jobs through this program. You may select as many entertainers as you wish given in a 2-3 hour program.
Acrobats 3,500 Puppet 4,000
Balloon Twist 2,500 Singer 3,000
Bubble Show 3,000 Song & Dance Group 3,000
Dancer 2,500 Stilt Walker 2,500
LED Poi 3,000 Story Teller 3,000
Magic 3,500 Ventriloquist 3,000
Mime 3,000
Total Entertainment Cost:
Add ons:
Balloons (Good for Basketball court venue or smaller) 4,500
Face Paint 3,000
Food Cart 3,500
Game Booth 3,500
Kid Parlor 3,000
GIF Photo Booth 5,000
Photoman (Walking Photo Booth) 5,500
Videographer 5,000

Total Add Ons Cost:
Special Trips:
Special Trips include bus fee of Php 10,000 or jeep fee of Php 2,500 if the venue is near the kids. Maximum number of kids is 50. Once chosen we will give you special rates we enjoy with these establishments.
Special Trip Cost:
Other Activities:
Here are other types of programs you can do for kids. We will provide the customized cost depending on the extent of the activity.
  • None
  • Nourishment Program
  • Scholarship Grant
  • Tree Planting
  • Others (Please specify):
Co Branded Shirt with U! Happy Events. PHP 350 each.
How many of shirt?
Total Co Branded Shirt with U! Happy Events:
Financial Donations:

Thank you for choosing to add a financial donation. So we could get our programs across as well, 20% will be for U! Happy Events and the rest or 80% for your chosen partner beneficiary.

Others (Please specify):
Total Financial Donations:
Goods Donations: (multiplied by the number of kids):
Hunger Pack90
School Supply Set100
Art Pack120
Baon Pack120
Water Bottle120
2 Story Books150
Toiletries Set150
Christmas Ham150
Noche Buena Package for Family (Christmas Ham, Cheese, Spaghetti, Spaghetti Sauce)450
Others Preferred

Total Goods Donation Cost:
Please let us know if you have any other requests or concerns.

Contact us at contact us at +63917 5488080 or through our landline (02) 2165332 for questions.

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Thank you for creating an event with children, for payments once confirmed you can deposit through the following banks. U! Happy Events BDO 286-024-9210/ Unionbank 00-157-000-1150 or BPI 9821-0050-83. Your half payment will confirm your event altogether.

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