518 Corazon Roxas Foundation’s Independence Dove with Project Pearls

Friday, June 12, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

We are grateful that we get constant support from different individuals, companies and groups here and abroad. For the 7th time, international partner, Corazon Roxas Foundation from the United States sent funds to provide worthwhile activities to children here in Manila. For all those partnerships, they have chosen different beneficiaries. This time it was community based NGO, Project Pearls.

Independence day was different for team U! Happy Events. We woke up early to kick off three events that day. This was the first and it was held at the capital of Manila. 23 volunteers met with us at the iconic Manila Hotel lobby. We designed meet up there for the location was a challenge to locate. Bgy. 106 covered court is in the inside streets.

As we arrived in the venue, 25 community children together with Project Pearls volunteers were patiently waiting for us. Deep inside we knew they were just as excited as we were. We gathered quickly and I jump started the festivities with a loud GOOD MORNING!

We embraced the morning with the Independence day theme. I started with the customary getting to know so everyone will be comfortable and then went on to test each team’s joint creativity. I got children and volunteers to make their own version of the flag together using just paper, colors and a pair of scissors.

I must say the outcome went beyond expected. There were excellent collaborations and out of the box executions. All their flags had their own style and depth. One team even came up with a heart to symbolize love for country. To be able to find one winner, I got Ate Ninia Operiano, Corazon Roxas Foundation’s representative to choose. After much deliberation, she chose a group that had smiles on the stars and the sun of the Philippine flag. She says it represents so much us Filipinos.

Next was our artist, Ate Blanca’s part. She taught the crafts for the activity, dove flying. It also embodied another symbol of Independence or freedom. Each child with the help of their Kuyas and Ates, got to create one. The children found so much happiness in coloring their own creations. Most of them using up all the different colors available.

We took a break and served early lunch after taking time to take photos of our accomplishments. I think this was one of the most meaningful ways to celebrate Independence- by taking the time to reach out to the next generation. We would like to thank Corazon Roxas Foundation for another worthwhile partnership.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events