217 Ate Carmel’s Cooking Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Some of Our Create Your Events were referred to us by friends. Ate Carmel was one of them. It was a birthday celebration and she chose to celebrate and bless kids. She has 4 of her own. We met her family and some of her friends. The young kids, between ages 2-9 even helped out in the preparations at home and in the event itself.

The orphaned kids of Shepherd of the Hills who are into music and arts, got a unique treat last July 13. Ate Carmel, a health enthusiast, shared healthy recipes to the kids and volunteers. We had a hands on cooking and smoothie workshop to emphasize the need to have healthier choices. Ate Carmel also mentioned the benefits of certain fruits and vegetables in our body.

We had two games after- Blown Away and Fish Be with You. Check out the mechanics and materials of these games in our Create Your Own Event page. Play them too or maybe you can play that with our partner beneficiaries.

After a group photo, we had a mini talent show. We had two really young kids from Shepherd of the Hills perform for us a song and a dance number. The son of Ate Carmel, Santiago performed a song too to the delight of her family and the rest of us. The final presentation was a violin ensemble from the teens. What a day it was! Check out the happy faces! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events