759 Convergys Celebrates with Kuya Center

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

A very spirited group of sponsors led the way for a day games at Kuya Center for Street Children in Cubao, Quezon City. This shelter for street children played host to the volunteers from Convergys in UP Ayala Land Techno Hub.

Despite most of them coming from the previous night’s shift, the group of 23 volunteers came with much eagerness ready for the competitive yet fun activities ahead.

To get things started, the volunteers and kids had to scatter and run around while playing the Bahay-Baboy-Bagyo game. This game is much like The-Boat-is-Sinking game but with some role playing to boot. Aside from being the icebreaker, the game allowed the kids and their kuyas/ates to be grouped with who were going to be their teammates for the rest of the day.

After getting acquainted and coming up with their group names, the event proceeded right into its first contest with the ‘HulArrange Yourselves.’ This was a combination of a U! favorite Hula-Hoop Relay and the old Arrange-Yourselves game. In this game, the groups raced to arrange their members based on the category given (i.e. first letter of first name, length of hair, birth month, etc.). After getting their team in order, they had to hold their hands and pass a hula hoop over, around and through each member. First one to reach the end got the point for their team. It was a test of teamwork and flexibility rolled into one game.

The next game was called Feet-the-Team. This game made use of the same hula hoops in each group. In each round, an exact number of feet was being called out and the groups had to quickly figure out whose foot (or feet) were going to be inside the hula hoop, and whose were going to be outside. Again, this game needed some quick thinking (or math), teamwork and communication.

The last game was more mellow than the first 2 physical exercises with the How Far Can You Go game. In this game categories were also given out like green vegetables, round fruits and Philippine presidents. Each team had to shout as one an item or person from the given category. This went on and on until one group either failed to give an answer or shout one that was already mentioned. This was more of a mental game which was rightfully so as all of the teams were starting to settle down again.

It had indeed been an action-packed day and it was time for some much deserved lunch. A kid-favorite fried chicken was served to the volunteers and kids as they sat together in their groups. Chocolates and lollipops also made their way to the winning teams as their prizes for the games.

With the school season weeks away, the volunteers from Convergys handed out school supplies to the kids. School bags were also included to complete the set of gifts. A final photo then capped the day’s gathering with the kids sending off the volunteers with a warm embrace.

The kids from Kuya Center never fail to bring the energy and we truly thank them for hosting us again. And of course, thank U! to the energetic bunch from Convergys for making the Saturday morning truly worthwhile.

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