741 Concentrix Daksh Services’ DIY Pins with Kuya Center

Friday, April 22, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

We spent our friday afternoon with the children of Kuya Center. The kids were already excitedly waiting as they all gave us a “mano” when we arrived. Today’s event was made possible by Ate Tet Lumingkit of Concentrix Daksh Services, who partnered with us for this fun-filled afternoon.

We were joined by Concentrix’s volunteers from different parts of the world. They were from Lithuania, England, Scotland, and others. The volunteers introduced themselves to the kids by saying where they were from. The volunteers also eagerly showed their dancing skills as they did a short individual dance.

We grouped the kids and volunteers into five. They talked about what the kids wanted to be when they grew up. Most of them wanted to be doctors, teachers, and soldiers. Since our main activity was art, the groups came up with art related group names like Star, Heart, Rainbow, Violet, and Pink. We then picked one volunteer per group to tell us about the children.

Our first activity for the day was the Cheese Ring Relay. The group members formed a straight line and were given straws. The first group member had to use the straw to scoop the cheese ring from the plate one at a time then pass it on to the next member using their straw. They weren’t allowed to hold the cheese rings nor the straws. They had to keep passing the cheese rings until the last person, who would then drop it on the plate at the end of the line. The group with the most number of cheese rings dropped onto the end plate after the given time period won. Everyone enthusiastically planned their strategies as they tried to hold the straw tightly in place to be able to slide the cheese rings faster.

We then had our main art activity. Our artist Kuya Robby taught the kids how to make drawing pins. He made several sample pins like dog, hamburger, and french fries. Since the kids wanted to learn how to draw a burger, Kuya Robby did a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a burger. I personally cannot draw so I was surprised when I was able to come up with a decent burger drawing! We started with the buns, tomatoes, cheese, then the additional layers of veggies and the bottom bun. The children were happy when their drawings came out nice. They also tried following the french fries sample. Other kids drew their other favorites like the Hulk and Batman logo. Some kids were able to make 3 pins which they put on their shirts. The kids were happily going around to check out each others pins.

After the main activity the volunteers had snacks with the kids. It was followed by our gift giving and we also awarded prizes to the winning group form the game earlier. Some of the volunteers were departing the country that night. It was nice for them to be able to give these children their time given how busy they are. As we said our goodbyes a volunteer from Concentrix gave a message to the kids. She said her wish for them is to be able to achieve their dreams, for them to become successful in whatever endeavors they choose. She also wished them the all the happiness in the world.

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