551 Cognizant Solutions’ Community Clean Up with Right Start

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

U! happy events are driven by activities that promote the welfare and values education of children through fun-filled events. While conveying positive morals to our beneficiaries is the primary goal, extending that same influence to the surrounding community is also a welcome objective. The team had a chance to do this last August 1 through the sponsorship of Cognizant, a globally recognized BPO and technology services company.

Right Start Community Development graciously partnered with U! and Cognizant for a community-clean up activity right in their neighborhood. Right Start is a foundation that seeks to help children attain their full potential while conveying God’s message of love.

The volunteers from Cognizant’s RL CCC Team were welcomed by Right Start’s Pastor Bernie. It wasn’t long after that when the kids gave their very own welcome too. The cheerful kuyas and ates were soon grouped with the kids where they got the chance to be introduced and become comfortable with each other’s company.

The Paint-Me-A-Picture game was what really broke the ice between the volunteers and kids. Different scenarios were given for the groups to portray in creative and distinct poses. The scenarios were in line with the day’s theme but still offered a lot of amusement for the groups.

After the game, U!’s very own core member, Ate Chessika, gave a brief talk about cleanliness and ways to help preserve our environment. She gave some very helpful and practical tips to everyone. It definitely set the stage for the day’s main activity.

Like military troops, the groups finally gathered ready for deployment for the community clean-up. Instead of weapons though, they had brooms, sticks and trash bags as gear. The sun may have been shining brightly that day but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the volunteers and kids who worked together to pick up trash along the streets of their small baranggay. The neighborhood also showed its appreciation by smiling at the work being done in their community, and even lending a helping hand to some along the way.

A hearty meal awaited the hardworking volunteers and kids once they got back to the venue. They sat down together enjoying a generous lunch with some additional sweets for the kids. The team from Cognizant then distributed their gifts for the kids while also imparting some encouraging message as they bid them goodbye.

U! Happy Events sincerely appreciates the kindness and enthusiasm of the volunteers from Cognizant. They were all such a bundle of energy which made the day a lot more fun. Thank U! as well to Right Start for being truly hospitable hosts. We certainly hope to be reunited with them again soon.

Testimony from Kuya Aja of Cognizant

In the Call Centre industry, we are always faced with the challenge of participating in day-time activities for we work during the evenings. But U-Happy made it happen! They paved the way for VOYA RL CCC to participate and volunteer for a day with Right Start Centre for Kids and the community of San Juan.

The program was filled with engaging activities right from the get go and we really appreciated how Kuya Glenn and Ms. Te created an atmosphere that was tailor-fitted the group. We were paired with at least 1 to 4 kids per volunteer. The event was packed with games and prizes and a waste management talk with Ate Chessika coupled with a community clean up activity. We concluded the program with a scrumptious meal, and hugged the kids and wrote our small farewell notes.

It was humbling to learn that each and every child has high hopes for their future even with very little opportunity presented to them.

“It was remarkable seeing everyone getting involved in the clean-up! I was even approached by fellows in the street to help pick up some of the waste!” – Ate Badeth Lomibao
“This is definitely not the last time we will see each other. We hope that when we see you again, you are all grown up and pursuing your dreams!” – Kuya Quinn Umali

We would like to thank Harvard, Right Start and the entire U-Happy crew for organizing this outreach for us. It was absolutely rewarding and inspiring. The Cognizant RL CCC team is extremely grateful for what you do and we support your cause. Looking forward in our involvement in future activities!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events