418 Christmas Celebration with Bahay Maria

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

The December-frenzy joyfully continued for U! Happy Events as volunteers from Shell Philippines visited the children of Bahay Maria in Bel Air, Makati. It was the 2nd gathering this month at the shelter for abandoned girls who also happened to be a few minutes away from the sponsor’s office.

The early-afternoon affair kicked off with the volunteers and kids getting settled into 5 groups. They were then given a chance to introduce one another through U!’s fun and useful getting-to-know questions. A spontaneous dance number then ensued out of the getting-to-know exercise to lead off the day’s activities.

Kuya Koby, one of U!’s resident entertainers, soon took front and center for a dazzling magic show. It wasn’t long until everyone was clapping and cheering in awe of Kuya Koby’s magical acts.

The 1st game soon followed using colorful papers and scissors – Bring Me Art. This is a modified version of ‘Bring Me’ but required that the items being asked for be cut-out from the papers. In the spirit of the season, familiar things during Christmas were being asked for. Several rounds pass and one team was declared the winner collecting story-books for their kids.

The Paint-A-Picture game was up next for the whole group. The teams stretched their legs as well as their creativity as they made portraits of the different Christmas-themed scenarios being asked for. One team soon emerged as the winner by displaying the most imaginative and inspired ‘pictures.’

Following the games, the teams sat down once more to share a pleasing afternoon snack. They continued to exchange their stories and got to know one another even better as the day wound down.

After the nourishing meal, the kids lined up as they received Christmas treats from their kuyas and ates. It consisted of an assortment of snacks and toys, as well as a comforting pillow to remember the volunteers by. Finally, the kids gave their kuyas and ates a grateful embrace as they wished each other a ‘Merry Christmas!’

U! Happy Events again thanks the team of volunteers from Shell Philippines for spending a few hours of their workday with the kids of Bahay Maria. We hope that the spirit of the season is made even more alive through the time they selflessly offered the beneficiaries.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events