259 Christmas Stocking Workshop with CCT Pasay

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Written by Core Member, Ren dela Cruz

The U! Happy team’s event-filled December 1st started with a fun Christmas stocking workshop with the kids of Center for Community Transformation in Pasay, planned by ate Roxy and her friends from HomeWorld through our Create Your Own Event program and in partnership with CCT BLEST. An alternative to their usual company Christmas party, they instead welcomed the season reaching out to the CCT kids and filling the children’s day with laughter, smiles, and awesome art.

The morning started with introductions, where the 26 volunteers and 30 kids were divided into small groups to get to know each other better. Afterwards, the groups competed in a game called Highest Bid, where a category is mentioned and each group had to bid how many they can name under that category. Categories included national holidays, green vegetables, and the like. Both the children and the volunteers had a blast trying to outbid each other and then enumerate their answers for the categories.

The workshop soon followed the game, where ate Roxy led the kids and her colleagues in creating the stockings, which they decorated with various art materials like glitters, feathers, and beads. After creating their colorful stockings, everyone trooped to an open area to break open a piñata, which contained assorted candies that the kids could stuff in the stockings each of them made!

The kids and volunteers then had early lunch, which was also a time to bond some more and recap the fun morning they had with each other. Before the event drew to a close, everyone posed for photos to display their wonderful works of art and capture a memory of the awesome day!

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