431 Christmas Art Celebration with Gawad Kalinga Ave Maria

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Written by Core Team Leader, Ren dela Cruz

For the U! Happy Events team, December 30 was no ordinary day. In fact, it was special for three very important reasons: it was the last day we held an event for the year 2014, this day marked U! Happy’s 8th anniversary, and it was the 150th event for the year–a record number and a big milestone from an organization that started from humble beginnings. To give significance to such a special day, the team took a long but very worthwhile drive to Gawad Kalinga Ave Maria in Tanay–to visit the GK kids for a New Year Art Workshop held at the GK school that we were able to fund through U! Happy’s generous sponsors.

40 children from GK Ave Maria excitedly trooped over to the newly built school for a morning filled with art, joy, and blessings. We got the day’s activities started by getting the kids to bust a move, and they all happily obliged as they danced along to the music, energized and happy to have visitors that morning. Next up, we called on U! Happy’s ever-enthusiastic artist, kuya Robby, to tell the children what they will be making for the day and how to do it. In time for New Year’s Eve the next day, kuya Robby explained that they would be making mongo noisemakers that morning–a safer and more fun alternative to firecrackers, which the kids could use to welcome the start of 2015. We grouped the little ones into 4 teams, and some moms of the younger GK kids joined in on the teams to help them create the project. Kuya Robby then proceeded to teach us how to make the noisemakers by simply using mongo, plastic cups, japanese paper, and glue! The end result was quite fantastic–the children were able to create the noisemakers and design them into colorful rainbows and other interesting patterns. While letting the art projects dry, we also did a turnover of electric fans for the use of GK Ave Maria.

Lunch was served in the form of pasta and sandwiches, which the children enjoyed after a full morning of dance and art. Before capping off the event, Gawad Kalinga representatives presented a Certificate of Appreciation to U! Happy Events Founder and Chairman, Kuya Harvard Uy de Baron, and another Certificate to U! Happy Events, for our contributions to Gawad Kalinga. As a special treat, one of the GK kids wowed everyone by delivering a declamation speech spontaneously.

We capped off the event–our last and 150th for the year, by thanking the GK representatives present, and wishing the GK Ave Maria community a prosperous New Year which we are sure will be filled with more laughter and giving. Thank U! to all those who have supported us the whole year, and for the past years. We are more than proud to have achieved our 150th event for 2014, and our 8th year, through your love and generosity!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events