682 Christ the King’s Youth and Days with the Lord’s Christmas with Libis Elementary School

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Written by Secretary, Kuya Glenn Costales

CTK Youth / DWTL Christmas Outreach at Libis Elementary School

Every year, the youth volunteers of Christ the King Parish in Green Meadows Ave and CTK Days with the Lord, gather for a Christmas outreach activity. This year, they again touched base and reunited with the spirited kids of Libis Elementary School.

Though missing a few participants, the volunteers present did not lack in enthusiasm. After introducing themselves, they soon broke the ice with the kids through a warm getting-to-know activity.

Several games were lined up for the whole event. It sure got both the kids and volunteers bouncing not just physically but mentally as well. First up, the kids had to move around in the Make Me Stand game. In this game, cones were scattered all around the game area. The volunteers and kids then had to scamper to stand the cones upright using only one hand within a very fast 10-second count. This game sure had a surge of energy as the teams tried to stand as many cones as they can.

Another game was called Pass the Charades – a combination of Pass the Message and Charades. While lined up, the teams passed along a message/ word from one end of the line to other by acting them out. Some had difficulty with the words but everyone soon figured out their own strategies. This allowed for a neck-and-neck contest with one team coming out on top.

The next pair of games was led by the volunteers themselves – Paint Me a Picture and Pinoy Henyo. Being in the holiday spirit, the theme of these games was all about Christmas and of course, Jesus Christ. The volunteers even got to share what Christmas means to them during these activities.

As the time for lunch arrived, a hearty meal was served to the kids, as well as the Brgy Libis Sitio leaders present. The kids then lined up to receive their game prizes and their Christmas gifts of school supplies and baon packs from Rebisco. A final group picture captured the day’s activities. The volunteers and kids shared a heartfelt embrace as they bid each other goodbye.

Young ones deserve a more special kind of Christmas just because of the pureness of their happiness. This is a great reminder of what this season is to their adult counterparts. U! Happy Events certainly hopes to see more of the Ates and Kuyas in future events. Thank U! also to Libis Elementary School for being part of it.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events