421 Christ the King’s Origami Workshop with Libis Elementary School

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

It had been a while since U! last visited the energetic kids of Libis Elementary School. It was therefore a fitting celebration last December 20 as volunteers from Christ The King (CTK) Parish joined the team for a day of games and origami.

The volunteers gathered bright and early that Saturday and made their way to the school. The kids were already present, eagerly waiting for the doors to be opened and get the ball rolling.

The volunteers were soon with their respective groups, getting to know one another. About 1 or 2 volunteers became an ate and kuya to around 50 kids from the school. After getting comfortable, the volunteers and kids lined up for one of U!s more popular games – the Hula Hoop Relay.

In the game, everyone lined up per team with their hands joined together. They then had to pass the Hula Hoop over and around their arms and bodies to the other end of the line. The team who finished first got the point in the race-to-3 contest. The game sure had everyone’s blood pumping as the relay was neck and neck all the way to the finish. One team emerged victorious and got toys for their kids as prizes.

With the teams still lined up, the next game was ushered into the event – the Paper Cup Relay. In the game, the volunteers and kids passed paper cups using straws in their mouths. It was another closely contested game with surprisingly the same team besting the 4 others yet again.

Up next was the Origami demonstration. Kuya Juro of CTK Days with the Lord, led everyone in the paper-folding activity with an astonishing conclusion. As the steps were demonstrated, everyone was amazed when the origami turned out to be a familiar face – Santa Clause! It was indeed an appreciated conclusion.

A generous serving of lunch was then distributed to all the participants. Everyone definitely had their appetite satisfied with barbeque, pancit and a refreshing gulaman drink.

With the event almost over, it was then time for the kids’ early Christmas presents to be handed out. School supplies and snacks from Rebisco found their way to the kids’ hands and they in turn gave their ates and kuyas a final embrace to thank them for the day. This final gesture of goodbye that U! practices has really turned out to be one of the most cherished and most memorable part of the events.

U! Happy Events thanks Christ The King Parish Youth Ministry for the partnership this Christmas season. It was such a meaningful Saturday that hopefully translates into more collaboration in the future.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events