665 Chevron Christmas Celeberation with Real Life

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Its been awhile since we had an event here at Real Life center in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig. We used to be a regular supporter until they got ample support from Victory Church. Consequently, this could be our last as Real Life decided to focus on scholarships and put on hold this weekly feeding program.

We were approached three weeks ago by Real Life executive director, Ate Lynn Nawata when their Christmas party sponsor backed out. Somehow that was a blessing because we were looking for a group to match with Chevron Philippines. It was also good to be back and serve this wonderful community again.

Chevron group was composed of 30 individuals, some of which were expats. We partnered them with 80 children ages 6-14 years. The day’s celebration was composed of three games, an acrobat show and a series of gift giving which included the parents. It was the first time parents were invited.

For our three games, the most relevant was Christmas Story. Teams were tasked to come up with different Christmas scenarios by making sure each one is utilized. Ate Lynn took the time to judge creativity and relevance to the scene given.

The children received Christmas Ham and school supply set from Chevron. Real Life on the other hand gave a grocery bag to the parents. I wish you were there to witness the smiles of each individual whether they were the recipient or the giver.

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